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Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews.

GO! Outfitters Tarp Preview

The GO! Outfitters Tarp is generously sized with multiple side tie-out points that make it a versatile shelter option for hammock camping and other outdoor adventures. I was sent a pre-production prototype to preview before the tarp goes out for Kickstarter funding in January 2016. Manufacturer: GO! Outfitters, made in China. Available Features/Specifications Features 70D PU…
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DD Tarp 3×3 MC Review

  DD Tarp 3×3m MC DD Hammocks is a little more well-known in Europe, but they are growing in popularity in the United States thanks to their diverse hammock camping product line and great value. The DD Tarp 3×3 Multicam (MC) is a virtual workhorse, thanks to its 19 guy points that allow the tarp to…
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Pitching Options for a Square Tarp

I think a square tarp is probably the most modular for hammock camping because it can be pitched in so many different configurations.

Wilderness Logics Tadpole Tarp and Door Mod Review

Wilderness Logics Tadpole Tarp and Door Mod I’ve had the pleasure of testing the Wilderness Logics Tadpole tarp for a few months now. This tarp has quickly become one of my favorite to take out on trips because it is light weight, small pack size, and all the accessories to convert it into a truly storm-worthy…
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Hammock Bliss Extra Large Rain Fly Review

Hammock Bliss Extra Large Rain Fly Overview (Video link) I got a first look at the Hammock Bliss Extra Large Rain Fly this past summer, and the production model that Dov recently sent me has improved the design with a slightly lighter weight. Weight: 535 g (19 oz) Dimensions: 124×76 in (315×193 cm) Packs down…
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Rigging a No-sag Hennessy Hammock Tarp

My first camping hammock was the Hennessy Expedition Asym. It was the hammock that converted me to staying off the ground when I went camping. However, I was often frustrated that I couldn’t keep the stock tarp taut, particularly when I got in the hammock. I could make everything look amazing and beautiful on the…
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ENO ProFly Review

Overview The Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) ProFly is a rectangular tarp designed for hammocks, but can be used as a shelter or sun shade for multiple uses. There is a slight catenary cut to each edge that keeps the edges taut when pitched. The tarp is reinforced on the edges with grosgrain and on each…
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LoopAlien with a Tarp Part 2

I posted earlier on how you can use the LoopAlien with a tarp and a continuous ridge line, but a lot of folks prefer using guy lines just on the ends of the tarp’s ridge line. The LoopAlien works just as well with end-only ridge tie-outs and can be easily added to existing lines without…
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