Just published: Illustrated Hammock Basics

Book cover: illustrated hammock basics

Hey everyone! I want to announce I’ve published a new illustrated book on hammock basics!

This is a much smaller, packable book that focuses on the essentials — great for those looking for bite-size info if you’re just starting with hammocks, and if you want to share the fundamentals with a friend. Paperback $8 at Amazon.com

Now Available: Illustrated Hammock Basics

This snackable clutch provides a framework for choosing a basic hammock and how to decode the different fabric and style options available so you can pick the right hammock (and essential hanging gear) for what you need from the start. I’ve upgraded my hanging basics illustration to focus just on the hammock and the quick techniques to make it easy to hang right, every time. Rounding out the book are details about hanging safe and taking care of your gear so it lasts a long time.

If you know someone who is considering hammocks and just wants a primer to get started, consider sharing this book!


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