Ordering a custom Dream Hammock

Have you been considering ordering a custom hammock from DreamHammock.com? I have been absolutely drooling over the new lightweight fabrics available and thought I’d go ahead and order my own, and make a series of posts describing my journey. I hope it is of help to you to navigate all the options available. Why Dream… Continue reading Ordering a custom Dream Hammock

Replacing Whoopie Slings on a Dream Hammock

In this video, I show one method for attaching the ridge line to the end of the suspension. Randy, owner of Dream Hammock, uses an alternative method thatĀ helpsĀ prevent a tight ridge line from pulling the suspension Lark’s Head looser and possibly lengthening the ridge line slightly if the hammock is hung too flat. In the… Continue reading Replacing Whoopie Slings on a Dream Hammock

Dream Hammock ThunderBird Review

I saw an early prototype of the ThunderBird a few years ago at Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia. It was a great opportunity to meet up with Randy, who I’ve built a friendship over the past few years. Dream Hammock has become very popular over the past couple of years, due in part to being extremely customizable, modular,… Continue reading Dream Hammock ThunderBird Review