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Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews.

Trip Report – Hammock Camping on Humphreys Peak

September 4-5, 2020 It’s the tallest mountain in Arizona. And it’s volcanic (No, not active!). Well, every mountain around Flagstaff is volcanic in origin. In fact, I think Flagstaff is home to all five different types of volcanoes. The area is peppered with hundreds of cinder cones, but Humphreys Peak dominates the horizon in an…
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Backpacking the Sycamore Rim Trail

The Sycamore Rim Trail is a 12.5 mile[1. The official guide lists this as an 11-mile loop, but our GPS device, and our time control plan, agree on the longer distance] (20 km) loop that skirts Sycamore Canyon, the second largest canyon in Arizona, after the Grand Canyon, and is arguably just as stunning and…
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Hammock Camping at Boy Scout Camp Geronimo 2012

It’s hard to beat a week out in the piney woods, especially when you tote along a hammock. I’ll have to admit that often I look forward with glee to slipping into my hammock each night. It should come as no surprise that when planning for summer camp I chose to bring along a few…
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