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DIY Face masks and head wraps

Head wraps are one of my favorite multi-use items and I finally got around to making a quick video showing a few ways to wrap them around your head for a face mask or wrap.

I recently had a chance to review a few items from NorthXNorth, including their balaclava (hooded neck gaiter), handkerchief, and larger “kerchief.” There are literally dozens of ways to use a handkerchief (see here, here, and here if you’re interested), and while I readily use a generic cotton bandana for just about everything, when I put their merino wool version in my hand, I just couldn’t force myself to abuse the NXN in that way. They were just too awesome. This biased my review toward the larger kerchief and the balaclava, which both have multi-uses without feeling like I was going to ruin them (in all fairness, the merino wool is really tough stuff; it’s just that if I am going to risk a piece of gear, I’d rather abuse a $1 cotton bandana than a $30 merino wool bandana).

My favorite of the pack was the balaclava, and only when ease-of-use, weight, and warmth were factored in. The large kerchief was a close second, due to it’s amazing range of uses. It’s also warmer, so would be a good pick (or used in addition to the balaclava) for colder trips. Merino wool doesn’t have some of the negatives of synthetics, like retaining odors for example. The wool is also extremely soft, and with the stretch, it makes it easy to handle and use, among other useful features.

I highly recommend the NXN head wraps and encourage you to check them out!

Watch my video on using head buffs.

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