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Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews.

Tips on Hammock Camping with Kids

Camping with kids has its own set of struggles and stresses, but it doesn’t need to be avoided, just planned for. There are a lot of articles available that talk about camping with kids, such as when is too early, what type of gear to bring, etc. etc., but I want to focus on my…
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The Truth About Hammock Camping: Claim #4 – Hammocks are Less Expensive Than Tents

Price is often used as a measurement of quality, but just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s junk. And while investing in quality products often pays off, there’s nothing wrong with a good deal, right? Price can also be a barrier to entry and I’m frequently asked whether hammock camping is more or less…
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The Truth About Hammock Camping: Claim #3 – Hammocks are quick and easy to set up

Is a hammock faster and easier to set up than, say, a backpacking tent? Some claim you can set up a hammock tent in under a minute, but there are “pop-up” tents that erect even faster, so which is really the true speed demon? Claim #3: Hammocks are quick and easy to set up. The Truth…
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Hammock Camping Basics

Way back in March of 2009, I drew up an illustration to help people understand the basics of hanging a hammock for camping. It turns out, that simple illustration would kickstart a slew of hammock camping-related illustrations, primarily for the folks at HammockForums.net. I had been a lurker on the forums for a while before dipping…
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