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Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews.

Hennessy Deep Jungle Asym Hammock Review

Hennessy Deep Jungle Asym Hammock Product Description The Hennessy Hammock brand is one of the most well-known all-in-one jungle hammocks on the market. In my review of the Hennessy Hyperlite Asym Hammock, I go into more detail about the basics of the Hennessy asymmetric design and what that means, along with the other unique features…
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Hennessy Hyperlite Hammock Asym Zip Review

Hennessy Hyperlite Hammock Asym Zip Tom sent me a Hyperlite to review in connection with research for an update to my book, The Ultimate Hang. Over the past year, it has slowly become my “go-to” hammock that really fits my backpacking and hammock style: lightweight, streamlined, easy-to-use, and complete. The Hennessy Hammock is one of the first-ever…
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Hennessy Hammock Monsoon Tarp Review

Hennessy Hammock Monsoon Tarp – Silnylon Hennessy Hammock is well-known for their distinctive asymmetric tarp design that come stock with every hammock, but not everyone feels “storm secure” with them. And, there are certainly times when having a larger tarp is preferred. The Monsoon tarp, and its bigger brother the Typhoon, have larger side panels…
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Hennessy Hammock Water Collector Review

Hennessy Hammock Water Collector and Tarp Tensioner System Hennessy came out with their water collection and tarp tensioning system years ago as a simple but innovative way to collect water run-off from a tarp. The funnel cup clips onto the a mitten hook on the corner tie-out of Hennessy-brand tarp and has a threaded end that matches…
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Hennessy Hammock Announces 3 Jungle Models

  Hennessy Hammock recently announced the release of three new hammocks to fill their product line: Jungle Expedition Asym Zip Jungle Explorer Asym Zip Jungle Safari Asym Zip Hennessy’s “jungle” models all feature double-layer bottoms, where insulating pads can be sandwiched when it’s cold. Double-layer hammocks also provide an extra physical barrier against biting insects, although…
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Backpacking Heavy is a Pain in the Neck

It’s been two days and my legs are still sore. The bruise on my right big toe is still tender. After returning from a weekend backpacking trip with my Boy Scout troop, I was in pain. My neck and shoulders were stiff and sore. My lower back was tense. My knees were revolting. What had…
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