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dream hammock Darien

Review – Custom Dream Hammock – Darien

If you’ve ever considered ordering a custom-made hammock, take a look at Dream Hammock. Growing from a garage shop to a full-fledge cottage vendor, Randy (aka Papa Smurf) has built a reputation for creating high-quality, customized hammocks. And by custom, I mean you can pick everything from the fabric to the thread color and zipper…
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Review – Hammock Gear Netted Hammock v2

I did some freelance work for Hammock Gear in exchange for their new Netted Hammock. It’s an update from their original with some subtle improvements, notably the removable double-sided stuff sack, and upgraded attachments for storage bags and accessories. In all, it’s a comfy, versatile hammock. Another subtle update was in the cut of the…
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Ordering a custom Dream Hammock

Have you been considering ordering a custom hammock from I have been absolutely drooling over the new lightweight fabrics available and thought I’d go ahead and order my own, and make a series of posts describing my journey. I hope it is of help to you to navigate all the options available. Why Dream…
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Review – Ninox FlatLay Hammock

My experience with the Ninox began by backing the project on Kickstarter. I don’t often jump on new hammock projects as there are a lot of copy-cat designs out there. Admittedly, I was wrapped up in the Ninox hype, thinking that maybe Sierra Madre Research had come up with something truly unique. In the end,…
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Review – Kühl Resistor Rock Pant – Go anywhere in style

Kühl Resistor Rock Pant I’ll be honest—I picked up these pants on a whim; an unsolicited offer from a gear outreach company. I’d heard of Kühl’s good reputation so I accepted the opportunity. Overall, I have LOVED these pants. I have had my favorites over the years, but let me explain a few features that…
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Review – Fenix PD35 TAC Flashlight – Is it bright enough?

Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition I reviewed the Fenix PD32 a while back and was impressed with the high-intensity, long-lasting, ultra-durable light. I recently had the opportunity to test its big brother: the PD35 TAC — tactical edition. In a nutshell, it’s a little bit bright (1,000 vs 900 lumen), a little bit longer (137 vs…
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What’s this? Unboxing the SMR Ninox Hammock

First look It’s hard to find something more thrilling than a mysterious package on your doorstep. It’s the promise of some new gear to explore, some new adventure to take. In this case, a new hammock that I backed on Kickstarter many months ago. I had nearly forgotten about it since the production time on…
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DIY Hammock Pillow Instructions

Making your own hammock pillow is easy. It can also be used as a multi-use stuff sack, pillow cover, or other uses.