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Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews.

Review – Outdoor Vitals StormLoft Quilts

Premium design, materials, and fill power, these quilts are top tier. What sets these quilts apart is the attention to shaving grams and still making them versatile for both hammock and ground camping.

Review – Go! Outfitters Adventure Top Quilt

The Go! Outfitters Adventure Top Quilt is a synthetic-filled, quilt-style sleeping bag. The design includes an adjustable foot box and collar.

Tribe Provisions Go-Anywhere Blanket II Review

Tribe Provisions Go-Anywhere Blanket II Product Description I reviewed the Tribe Provisions Go-Anywhere Blanket when it first came out in 2015. Much of the design remains the same, but the company has made a few updates since that first look: The draw string strap is longer to also function as a shoulder strap The stuff sack…
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DD Hammock Quilt Review

Quilt-style sleeping bags are perfectly adapted to hammock sleeping because they lack a back, making them easier to use (no wriggling). The DD Hammock Quilt is a synthetic-filled top quilt that works great in a hammock (or on the ground). Manufacturer: DD Hammocks, made in China MSRP: UK£45.00 (~US$70) Available Features/Specifications Top quilt with cinch-style head…
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First Look – Underground Quilts Flight Jacket Top Quilt

A few weeks ago, Underground Quilts (UGQ) got in touch with me to do a review of their quilts, specifically their Flight Jacket top quilt. I went back-and-forth with Paul to select the fill and finish of the quilt as they wanted to build a custom quilt for me. The attention to detail is evident…
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DIY One-Season Top Quilt or Liner

Skip to the illustration! See also: DIY Insulated Hood Pattern The search for an inexpensive, light, one-season top quilt. In preparation for my upcoming backpacking trip to Havasupai with my wife, I’ve been debating on different insulation options for our hammocks. With nighttime temperatures predicted to be in the 60s°F (15–20°C), along with hot and dry…
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