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Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews.

Hennessy Hammock Water Collector Review

Hennessy Hammock Water Collector and Tarp Tensioner System Hennessy came out with their water collection and tarp tensioning system years ago as a simple but innovative way to collect water run-off from a tarp. The funnel cup clips onto the a mitten hook on the corner tie-out of Hennessy-brand tarp and has a threaded end that matches…
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Tato Gear Ridgeline Tarp Connector Review

(Watch the video review) The Tato Gear Tarp Connector System uses an aluminum hook that easily slides along a continuous tarp ridge line and then wraps to hook in place. Opposite of the hook is a durable plastic toggle that attaches to the tarp. Connecting toggle to hook is a doubled-up length of shock chord.…
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