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Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews.

Wrapping Tarp Guyline to Eliminate Tangles

I hate tangled guylines. When it’s time to pack my tarp, I take special care to wrap each guyline so it is ready to deploy. One advantage of coiling up guyline is that it helps avoid tangles in the line and unintentional knotting. In some wind storms, I’ve had my guyline tie itself into knots…
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Tarp or Hammock Pull-Out Modification

I’ve been loving my new tarp pull outs, although I have yet to use them on my tarp. I’ve found that these work great with a hammockto pull out the sides. This works especially good on extra-wide hammocks (e.g., “doubles”) or those with floppy side rails. Not only does this create larger shoulder and head…
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