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Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews.

Byer of Maine Paradiso and Barbados Hammock Review

 Byer of Maine Paradiso and Barbados Hammocks Byer of Maine appropriately describes the Paradiso as the “crown jewel” of their Amazonas hammock line, and I would agree with them. This traditionally-handwoven hammock is the epitome of elegance in traditional hammocks and offers superior comfort. The Barbados hammock is only rivaled by the Paradiso in overall…
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Gear Best Cotton Hammock Review

GearBest.com reached out to me to do some consulting on their hammock line. They actually have some amazing prices for their hammocks, which would make great entry-level jungle hammocks or modular recreational hammocks. I asked to take a look at their cotton hammocks, as that is one that I haven’t reviewed before on this site.…
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