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Review – Gear Hackers Evolution Insulated Hammock

Have you ever considered an insulated hammock? The Evolution Insulated hammock is stuffed top and bottom with premium 850+ down and my kids swear by it.

Review – Evolution Insulated Hammock

The Evolution Hammock has an open style with a gathered-end build but is really a hybrid design due to its integrated insulation.

Clayborne Bison Bag G2 Sleeping Bag Hammock Review

Bison Bag G2 Sleeping Bag Hammock I must admit that I was very excited when Lance and Julia Williams announced their Kickstarter project for an insulated hammock a few years ago. What intrigued me was the simple all-in-one design and promise for a entry-level and cost-conscious price point. I helped fund the first Bison Bag…
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