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Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews.

BIAS Weight Weenie Micro Hammock Review

From the Wayback Machine Butt in a Sling Weight Weenie Micro Hammock Review @ BackpackGearTest.org The Rest of the Story. The race for the lightest camping hammock is still being run, but there are a few front runners who have set the pace. When BIAS came out with their Weight Weenie Micro Hammock, it was unusual…
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The BIAS Buginator Bug Net Review

Overview The Butt in a Sling (BIAS) Buginator is a zipperless tube-style hammock bug net meant to provide a near 360-degree bug-free enclosure to a net-less, gathered-end hammock. The main advantages of the Buginator are lighter weight and easier entrance and exit by eliminating a zippered opening. The bug net also features a “performance cut”…
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