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May 3, 2017

Review – Evolution Insulated Hammock

The Evolution Hammock has an open style with a gathered-end build but is really a hybrid design due to its integrated insulation.

September 19, 2016

Choosing a Double- or Single-layer Hammock

Philip Werner’s recent post on choosing between a single- or double-layer hammock delivers some strong points about double-layer hammocks: The two layers form a pocket that can be used to hold a foam or an inflatable sleeping pad. The pocket helps hold the insulation in place and gets it out of…

May 27, 2016

Tribe Provisions Go-Anywhere Blanket II Review

Tribe Provisions Go-Anywhere Blanket II Product Description I reviewed the Tribe Provisions Go-Anywhere Blanket when it first came out in 2015. Much of the design remains the same, but the company has made a few updates since that first look: The draw string strap is longer to also function as a…

November 25, 2014

ENO Vesta Synthetic Top Quilt Review

ENO Vesta Synthetic Top Quilt Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) has continued to build on their line of hammock insulation options with the introduction of the Vesta synthetic top quilt. I reviewed their down-filled Blaze under quilt and Ignitor top quilts last year; the Vesta rounds out their synthetic line (the Vulcan…

September 16, 2014

Down and Synthetic Bootie/Sock Comparison Chart

On my recent camping trip with my son, he complained about having cold feet. This isn’t the first time he’s had trouble keeping his feet warm, so I thought I would look into investing in some down- or synthetic-filled sleeping booties, slippers, or socks. Here is a little comparison chart…

October 29, 2013

ENO Down-filled Hammock Quilts Reviewed

Overview & Field Usage Oh it is sad when a review comes to an end, especially when the product is good and I have to return the gear (boo! hiss!). About a month ago I received samples of the ENO down-filled hammock quilts to review and after some great field…

May 22, 2013

DIY One-Season Top Quilt or Liner

Skip to the illustration! See also: DIY Insulated Hood Pattern The search for an inexpensive, light, one-season top quilt. In preparation for my upcoming backpacking trip to Havasupai with my wife, I’ve been debating on different insulation options for our hammocks. With nighttime temperatures predicted to be in the 60s°F (15–20°C),…