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The ENO Underbelly Gear Sling. 17

The Many Uses of a Gear Hammock

Using a Gear Hammock I love multi-use gear on the trail, and one item that’s been intriguing me recently is the gear hammock. A gear hammock is nothing more than a small(ish) hammock—sometimes a...

hammock becket hitch 26

The Becket Hitch for Hammocks

The Hammock Becket Hitch I came across the Becket Hitch while researching hammock styles for my book. At first I dismissed it as antiquated and not suited for modern hammocks, but it has since become...

hennessy-monsoon-tarp-stand 17

Hennessy Hammock Monsoon Tarp Review

Hennessy Hammock Monsoon Tarp – Silnylon Hennessy Hammock is well-known for their distinctive asymmetric tarp design that come stock with every hammock, but not everyone feels “storm secure” with them. And, there are certainly...

yukon-walkabout-fly-canyon-diablo 7

Yukon Outfitters Walkabout Rainfly Review

The Yukon Outfitters Walkabout Rainfly is an amazing bargain. The tarp doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t, and yet it surprises in both durability and light weight. If you’re looking for an inexpensive...

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