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Hammock Tips on a 50-Miler

This summer I joined my son on a few days of his 50-miler trek up and over the San Francisco Peaks in Northern Arizona. Since I wasn’t able to join him for the whole...

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Hammock Bliss Tandem Review

Hammock Bliss Tandem Product Description The Hammock Bliss Tandem is an interesting concept tackling one of hammock’s biggest challenges: double occupancy. The Tandem’s approach is to link two single hammocks together along the parallel...

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DIY Candle Firestarter

Do-it-Yourself Candle Firestarter As I was going through some old photos, I came across a video and photo series I created back in 2010 to show how to make your own firestarters out of...

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The Many Uses of a Gear Hammock

Using a Gear Hammock I love multi-use gear on the trail, and one item that’s been intriguing me recently is the gear hammock. A gear hammock is nothing more than a small(ish) hammock—sometimes a...

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