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NEMO Bugout 9×9 Shelter Review

Ever since seeing the NEMO® Bugout™ shelter at Trail Days in 2012, I’ve been wanting to get one. The Bugout is a tarp-based shelter with an integrated bug netting that reaches from tarp edge to the ground, creating a roomy, 4-sided no-see-um enclosure. When I saw it, I immediately drooled at the hammock camping possibilities[1.…
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Portable Hammock Stands

Guest Post: Portable Hammock Stands

Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Review

After spending a few weeks reviewing the Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock I felt a little like the food critic Anton Ego from the Disney®/Pixar® animated film Ratatouille when he flip-flopped on his critique of Gusteau’s restaurant. Perhaps I can appreciate his predicament as he faced standing up for something he had dismissed before. In my case, it…
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Grand Trunk All Terrain Hybrid Travel Hammock Review

From the Wayback Machine Grand Trunk All Terrain Hybrid Travel Hammock Review — The Rest of the Story. I have to tip my hat to Grand Trunk for trying something new. When I tested this hammock back in 2009, the Hybrid was the first on the market (and I think the only one still) to…
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Jacks "R" Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Review

From the Wayback Machine Jacks “R” Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Review — The Rest of the Story. This review actually isn’t from that long ago; I just finished reviewing the Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock (BMBH) this spring (2013), but I did have my first “lay” back in 2011. The BMBH was a revolutionary hammock…
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LoopAlien with a Tarp Part 2

I posted earlier on how you can use the LoopAlien with a tarp and a continuous ridge line, but a lot of folks prefer using guy lines just on the ends of the tarp’s ridge line. The LoopAlien works just as well with end-only ridge tie-outs and can be easily added to existing lines without…
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LoopAlien with a Tarp and a Continuous Ridge Line

UPDATE: Using the LoopAlien with single lines, and faster locking method. I’m a sucker for cool, little hardware gadgets for tarp and hammock rigging. Don’t get me wrong, I love knots (I’m a Scoutmaster, after all), and use them on all my trips, but sometimes a good piece of hardware makes the task of tensioning…
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The Gobi Gear Hoboroll Review

I guess you can call me a bindlestiff; I’ve latched on to the Gobi Gear Hoboroll and I’m not letting go any time soon. Of course, the Hoboroll isn’t just for hammock nutcases like me (or hobos for that matter); it’s a very useful packing and organizing tool for just about anyone who takes stuff on…
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