Ohuhu Sleeping Bag Review

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10 Responses

  1. wgiles says:

    I’ve made a couple of quilts with Climashield 5.0. Do you have any idea how the fiber filling in this bag compares to Climashield? For me, cost isn’t the big motivator in making gear, rather the satisfaction that comes from using something that I made. None the less, having inexpensive gear that can be easily modified is always welcome option.

    • Derek says:

      I don’t think the bag will compare with the high-end synthetics. But I have no idea what type of insulation is in the bag besides the generic description provided.

  2. Jason says:

    I’ve made a CS5 tq and converted one of these bags into a tq as well. They really are different beasts. If the polly filling in this bag is CS, it’s super thin.I did use mine this past weekend down to 40 without any issue (but with a 20* uq). i don’t want to say it’s see through, but the thinner filling is closer to one of those $3 air filters than the layers of CS

  3. Neruda says:

    I started reading your review thinking you were going to “bag” on this bag because of the scowl on your face in that first pic. After reading it I think I’d never be interested in it but I always sleep cold. Here in the PNW cheap stuff gets exposed really fast by rain/snow and even chilly winter nights in the summer.

    My mom suggested I make a UQ with a goose down comforter she found at a thrift store. I wrapped it in rip stop and nylon taffeta and it’s amazing and very inexpensive to make. After that I made my own TQ with the same DIY method and it’s light and warm too. I’m really digging on the down twin comforters for these gear projects.

  4. Ryan says:

    Derek have you tried the dd quilts and the dd Jura 2 sleeping bag they are all quality Band well priced what I have always found with them is they seem to price it at how much it costs to make it which is really nice and they are all -5C so 23F everything is specially designed for hammocking to I would buy the Jura but under my minimal (provided pictures) inspection there isn’t a cent hole like I have on any north face so I can’t use it as my preference a peapod without cutting into it

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