Gear Best Cotton Hammock Review

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2 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    I grew up camping in cotton hammocks in Brazil. They are heavy but breath very well in the heat and humidity. If you spray or soak them with a 0.5% permethrin solution (Sawyer for example but there are others) mosquitos are less of a problem sucking your blood thru the bottom with no-see-um net on top or just a battery powered fan hanging from above. That plus a simple tarp in case it rains is all you really need (posts or trees obviously). Even when my kids were small they refused to use the one small hammock I have, so my advice is only buy large ones, they are more comfortable and not that much more expensive. If backpacking then small/short is worth the lack of comfort perhaps, also fabrics that do not breath as well but are lighter. I have many hammocks, each one has its pro and cons and special purposes.

    • Derek says:

      I love this! The simplicity of hammocks is sometimes overlooked. I agree: you don’t need to complicate it if you don’t need to. Great insight on the size differential.

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