Down and Synthetic Bootie/Sock Comparison Chart

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  1. RJones says:

    Hi Derek: This is just right up my alley. I just got back from my first ever hang trip. 2 nights in alpine and one night at the beach in Washington State. i too had chilly feet and used REI’s down booties one night and they worked fine. The third night to save space I used a pair of neoprene socks instead of the booties. These worked better, saved space and kept my feet warm all night. I would go with the neoprene socks instead of the booties…much cheaper and takes up less space.
    BTW, I went with the Grand Trunk SB Pro hammock, GT’s “Funky” Tarp, and GT’s Tree Slings. Everything worked well for me. I’m officially a hanger now, and will try hammocking in all conditions as I continue to avoid tenting. Thanks for your great tips. Now I will be able to re-read your book with more of an understanding since I’ve now spent three nights in a hammock.
    I am 6’3″ 280lbs and the GT felt like i had plenty of room and plenty of strength for me.


    Richard Jones

  2. silentorpheus says:

    For reference – I have a pair of REI down booties, size XL, purchased 2 years ago. They weigh in at 357g (12.5oz). Not sure why they don’t include the weight in the specs on REI’s site.

  3. Joe says:

    I am a huge EE supporter and find it interesting that Tim chooses to make a climashield option. Reading his reasoning certainly makes sense. Feet sweet and down doesn’t like moisture. What are your thoughts on down verse synthetic for the feet?

    • Derek says:

      I’ve been reading mixed reviews. Some folks swear that wearing socks AND down booties feels colder than just bare feet in the booties. Some recommend a light sock liner to reduce oils and dirt getting in to the down. I find that down is warmer and quicker to react than synthetic, but there are places and conditions where synthetic is better. I like fleece, for example, as an insulating layer because I don’t have to worry about sweating or treating my clothes too tenderly. I have a pair of synthetic insulated pants that I really like. It may be that I go with a synthetic sock as well.

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