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Down and Synthetic Bootie/Sock Comparison Chart

On my recent camping trip with my son, he complained about having cold feet. This isn’t the first time he’s had trouble keeping his feet warm, so I thought I would look into investing in some down- or synthetic-filled sleeping booties, slippers, or socks. Here is a little comparison chart if, like me, you’ve been looking for a single source for all down booties on the market.

Did I miss one? Send me and email so I can keep this chart current.

Down and Synthetic Bootie Comparison Chart

Item Weight Cost Fill Power Sole Info
Arrowhead Equipment Flame Thrower Socks 2.5 oz (71 g) $65 800 Goose Soft Over the ankle
Enlightened Equipment Sleeping Booty  1.5 oz (43 g) $50 CLIMASHIELD Soft Over the ankle
EXPED Down Booty  5 oz (142 g) ~$150 840 Goose Soft Over the ankle
Feathered Friends Down Booties  9.3 oz (264 g) $89 800 Goose Durable, waterproof Mid-calf, removable insole
Goose Feet Gear Down Socks 2.5 oz (71 g) $65 850 Goose Soft Over the ankle
Forty Below Camp Booties  10 oz (283 g) $70 Wiggy’s Lamilite® Rubber dot fabric Removable CCF insole; Over the ankle; fits into boot shell
Jacks R Better Down Sleeves 5 oz (142 g) $80 800 DWR Goose Soft Modular
MEC Expedition Booties 6 oz (170 g) $85 SL100 Hyperloft Abrasion-resistant sole Over the calf. GORE-TEX Windstopper shell.
Nunatak Teanaway Slipper  3.5 oz (100 g) $133 800 Goose Hard wearing rand material Ankle
Nunatak Chugach Booties 6 oz (170 g) $149 800 Goose Hard wearing rand material Over the ankle
Nunatak Kangri Down Mukluks  8 oz (227 g) $183 800 Goose Hard wearing rand material Over the calf
RAB Expedition Slippers  8 oz (227 g) $175 800 Goose Soft Over the ankle
RAB Expedition Modular Boot  23 oz (652 g) $275 800 Goose Durable, removable Mid-calf, water-resistant Pertex Endurance shell
RAB Hot Socks  5 oz (135 g) $65 Primaloft Soft Over the ankle
REI Down Booties  N/A $45 450 Duck Polyester, polyurethane beads Over the ankle (out of production)
Western Mountaineering Flash Down Booties  3 oz (85 g) $65 800 Goose Soft 1/4″ EV50 foam insole; ankle high
Western Mountaineering Standard  6 oz (170 g) $85 800 Goose Soft Over the ankle
Western Mountaineering Expedition  8 oz (227 g) $110 800 Goose 70 denier coated nylon rand Calf
Wiggy’s Booties N/A $42 Wiggy’s Lamilite® 1000 denier Cordura Over the ankle
Yeti Sundown 4 oz (118 g) $80 700 Goose Soft with anti-slip silicon print Over the ankle

11 thoughts on “Down and Synthetic Bootie/Sock Comparison Chart”

  1. Hi Derek: This is just right up my alley. I just got back from my first ever hang trip. 2 nights in alpine and one night at the beach in Washington State. i too had chilly feet and used REI’s down booties one night and they worked fine. The third night to save space I used a pair of neoprene socks instead of the booties. These worked better, saved space and kept my feet warm all night. I would go with the neoprene socks instead of the booties…much cheaper and takes up less space.
    BTW, I went with the Grand Trunk SB Pro hammock, GT’s “Funky” Tarp, and GT’s Tree Slings. Everything worked well for me. I’m officially a hanger now, and will try hammocking in all conditions as I continue to avoid tenting. Thanks for your great tips. Now I will be able to re-read your book with more of an understanding since I’ve now spent three nights in a hammock.
    I am 6’3″ 280lbs and the GT felt like i had plenty of room and plenty of strength for me.


    Richard Jones

    1. What a great low-budget alternative! I have notoriously cold feet. Neoprene socks are definitely going in my Amazon shopping cart. Thanks for the tip Richard!

  2. For reference – I have a pair of REI down booties, size XL, purchased 2 years ago. They weigh in at 357g (12.5oz). Not sure why they don’t include the weight in the specs on REI’s site.

  3. I am a huge EE supporter and find it interesting that Tim chooses to make a climashield option. Reading his reasoning certainly makes sense. Feet sweet and down doesn’t like moisture. What are your thoughts on down verse synthetic for the feet?

    1. I’ve been reading mixed reviews. Some folks swear that wearing socks AND down booties feels colder than just bare feet in the booties. Some recommend a light sock liner to reduce oils and dirt getting in to the down. I find that down is warmer and quicker to react than synthetic, but there are places and conditions where synthetic is better. I like fleece, for example, as an insulating layer because I don’t have to worry about sweating or treating my clothes too tenderly. I have a pair of synthetic insulated pants that I really like. It may be that I go with a synthetic sock as well.

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