Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free Review

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19 Responses

  1. puzso23 says:

    The Sky Bed looks huge. The bug netting can be very handy during the summer when mosquitos make life hard.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks so much for this review. I’m new to hammock camping and am looking for a good first-time hammock for my wife. She has some back issues and I’m hoping that getting her off the ground will help. Would you think this is a good choice for her?

    • Derek says:

      I’m not a medical expert, so please consult with your medical provider first before attempting hammock-as-treatement.

      It is true that a lot of folks use hammocks for back therapy. I’ve heard a lot of amazing stories, and I also benefit from pain-free sleeping in a hammock. However, prescribing one hammock over another that could be better or worse for back support is difficult. My advice would be to try a regular gathered-end hammock first, set it up correctly, and try it out. If you are looking for a really flat hammock, I would try a bridge-style hammock first.

      There are a lot of other factors that you might consider if you are looking for something to backpack with verses car camp verses at home.

      • Dan says:

        Thanks for this Derek! I certainly understand your hesitance to give ‘medical advice’. I didn’t mean to ask for it :). Just wondering if you thought that this would be a good choice for a first-time hammocker with a history of back issues. Thanks for everything on your site – it’s invaluable to us newbies.

  3. demeterdancing says:

    I’m curious how far can the bug net be pulled back? Can you sit up in the hammock without it in the back of your neck or face?

    • Derek says:

      Nearly. The netting can be pulled up higher depending I how you want to hang it. Also depends on how tight you hang the hammock.

  4. Phil Adey says:

    From the pictures it looks like someone 6′ or so can not lay stretched out without getting into the netting or getting off the pad.What is the maximum comfortable height?

  5. BogdanB says:

    Hi. I wonder if you can “remove” the net and sit during the day in it as in a normal hammock, or just No-See-Um No More Hammock Bliss allows this? What are the differences between No-See-Um No More Hammock Bliss and Hammock-Bliss-Sky-Bed-Bug-Free? Thank you!

  6. Mike Gartman says:

    Do you think an insulated Klymit V pad would work ok? My wife is concerned that the built in grooves in the pad would render It ineffective up in the air like this. I am thinking it would work fine.

  7. Mike Gartman says:

    Thanks, Derek! We are looking to try hammocks for the first time, and this looks like a good way to use our pads instead of having to buy underquilts, which are fairly pricey!

  8. Kerri says:

    Hi Derek – nice review! I’m looking to use this hammock with a large rectangular Sea to Summit Comfort Plus pad. I don’t own an underquilt and although I’m a pretty warm sleeper I’ve found my WB Blackbird pretty cold in winter. Although it normally only ever gets to about 0C (32 F) or marginally lower, I was wondering whether you’d suggest I purchase the normal Comfort Plus (R=2.5) or go for the insulated version with an R value of 5? I’d really appreciate your advice as I really have no clue what the difference in R value translates to in the real world 🙂

  9. tazmaniac60 says:

    Derek, To convert to whoopie slings would you go continuous loop, carabiner, slings, marlin spike? Also the structural ridgeline is okay to hook to the gear loops? It is strong enough?

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