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Ordering a custom Dream Hammock

Have you been considering ordering a custom hammock from I have been absolutely drooling over the new lightweight fabrics available and thought I’d go ahead and order my own, and make a series of posts describing my journey. I hope it is of help to you to navigate all the options available.

Why Dream Hammock?

Randy (Papa Smurf) has made a name for himself—and a very successful business—by offering a variety of custom-made hammock designs. Dream Hammock is the first place I recommend folks who are looking for something very specific or aren’t as satisfied with off-the-shelf hammocks. I’ve owned a few Dream Hammocks over the years, and I highly-recommend them for their attention to detail, build quality, and customization options (fabrics, thread, suspension, and more!).

4 thoughts on “Ordering a custom Dream Hammock”

    1. It took a bit to get used to how “exposed” I felt. Well, not sure I’ll get used to it – haha! It holds up just fine. I’m planning to get a new one with no-see-um netting instead of monolite for the bug net, and a little narrower to save a few more grams.

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