Air Nest Inflatable Hammock Lounger Review

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3 Responses

  1. Dennis says:

    Derek, I have been interested in these for awhile but my biggest concerns is how well the will hold to a group of Boy Scouts? As you know some scouts can be very hard on equipment. How puncture proof are they and is it easy to patch/repair once punctured or torn? How many can sit on it at a time and be comfortable or is really just meant for a single person? One more thing length says 7ft yet what height of a person is recommended for max comfort?

    • Derek says:

      Dennis, in the photos on this post you’ll see a few of our scouts having fun in the lounger. I think it would be great for scouts. The outer nylon covering helps protect the inner air chamber from getting punctured (just don’t set up next to cactus). For just messing around, I’d probably get a less expensive version (there are plenty of off-brands to choose from).

    • Derek says:

      As for the length, that was just measured when deflated. It will shorten a little, but also realize that you lay across and inside, sort of like a regular hammock, so even tall folks (6 ft) will be fine.

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