Dutchware Gear Double Whoopie Hook Review

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Good review, and I whole-heartedly concur. It just so happens that I was working up a whoopie solution for my Hennessys when Dutch released them, so I was able to put these into the mix.

    I’ve spent a good amount of time hanging with my son side-by-side, and he likes this solution. He gets pretty far into the air when I climb in.

    The largest hangup for me is finding a good way to pitch this under my Superfly without having the ends stick into the silnylon (while I’m in storm mode). I’m worried about them rubbing holes in the tarp

    If someone would come up with a rubber band-like holder sized to the end, paired with a thin piece of rubber that covered the end point, that would be perfect. Maybe I need to look for some rubber or nylon end-caps that will fit the spreader bars – that would do double-duty!

  2. Tim Shann says:

    When I first used the spreader bar, I made a dogbone of 1/16 shock cord that loops over each end of the bar. This both holds the dwh’s on the pins and also prevents the bar from separating at the joint due to wind effect on unladen hammocks. It’s better than nothing, but not perfect. I could have made it tighter but…I moved on.

    Now I store a small piece of gorilla tape on the bar near the joint and move over the joint when deployed. I also devised simple to make spreader bar tarp protectors from 1/2″ pipe insulation. This has the added benefit of keeping the dwh from slipping off the pin. https://hammockforums.net/forum/showthread.php/125950-Spreader-Bar-Tarp-Protectors?highlight=protectors

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