Ar•Ya Hammock Review

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  1. Wesley says:

    I may have a solution for your suspension dislikes. When you say double bow, do you mean tying those two bow loops in an over hand knot (like countless mothers do to their children’s shoe laces before sending them to school)? The Better Bow is a better solution than a knotted bow. As we all know, a regular bow starts with an overhand knot. Then you make a bend in one end. Then the other end is taken around and pushed up under itself. The Better Bow starts the same, but you go around that bend TWICE, then tuck up your working end through both turns. Here’s a googled diagram:

    It has double the constriction than a regular bow on the slippery part of the knot, but it’s still easy to untie with a tug.

    If this is what you mean by a double bow in your post, then well…. never mind.

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