Hennessy Hammock Supershelter Review

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10 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    I like the “scalability” of the system but Hennessey told me the larger #2 supershelter for the Explorer will not work with the Safari. I’d really like to see that tested as I suspect it very well might. I have an Explorer and the supershelter but am very interested in a Safari.

  2. Andy says:

    How in the world does a Mylar sheet and an undercover weight 48oz.?!

    • Derek says:

      I think you’re missing the open cell foam pad.

      • Andy says:

        Yes that’s listed separate, at 11.5 oz. I guess I’m used to a Mylar sheet being one of those emergency blankets that weighs a couple ounces at most (you know the ones that as soon as you unfold it will never be that size again?).

        Still, according to above weights, that’s 3 pounds (!) of Mylar sheet and undercover. Seems off….

        • Derek says:

          I had the weights wrong. I must have done a paste error when I created this review. I checked my notes and posted the correct weights, based on my digital scale. It’s actually much, much lighter.

    • Derek says:

      My mistake Andy! I’m sorry about that.

  3. I have it, and the OverCover, but don’t use the provided mylar. Instead I’ve opted for a SOL emergency blanket tied as a gathered end hammock that I hang from the suspension with the mitten hooks (taught line hitch for adjustability and “give”). With the addition of a couple of trapped acorns in the asymmetric pulls the system stays put rather nicely. The mylar is close to the hammock and the few fractions of an inch between it and the underpad act as added dead space .Even as I live/camp in Florida I use the OverCover regularly (I sleep cold). To pack it all up I keep the covers in place and take out the UnderPad and emergency blanket and it all fits (albeit snugly) in the SnakeSkins. My fave part is how, all the pieces work together. — .

  4. Paul Thomsen says:

    I had a chance to try out my super shelter last weekend on a back country hunt in the Mt Jefferson Wilderness here in Oregon. The foam pad did its job although it ripped when I tried to adjust it from inside my hammock. The under cover worked great so I will use it in addition to a summer series UQ. Help keep moisture from splashing up onto my UQ.

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