Flying Squirrel Outfitters Hammocks – Preview

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  1. Justin I says:


    Happy 4th! I may have missed it, but when will the FS Hammocks be available to market. I’ve gone on their website and offered my email for updates. I was hoping you may have a more soli release date.

    Also, looking to purchase an all in one, i.e Hennessy. Curious if it’s a better plan to piece mail from different distributors. Their product seems like an inexpensive all-in-one, but does that carry quality, durability, and functionality for various applications? Again, Happy 4th and hope you and the kid and flying and hanging this wonderful weekend!



    • Derek says:

      Thanks Justin. Yes, the Hennessy is high quality, durable, and multi-functional; especially the zipper models. It’s a great all-in-one option. Piecing together a kit offers more variables and is good if you are really particular.

  2. Justin I says:

    Apologies – *Kids and family

  3. fhfr436 says:

    I love your hammocking tips, but I have to question the utility of your product review ratings. It seems that every one I see has a 5-Heart rating on every category. At least, that’s how they come through on the e-mails.

    • Derek says:

      Uh-oh. No, they don’t all have 5-stars. They are using different colors. Help me debug so I can fix this. What email system are you using?

  4. Jake Case says:

    It’s incredible how far the hammock industry has come in a few short years. It seems like every few months a new company is putting out a high quality hammock for an affordable price that includes an actual usable suspension system! When I started looking into hammocks about five years ago, it seemed you either bought a Warbonnet, or you had to figure out how to attach a custom made suspension system to whatever random hammock you could find!

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