Tentsile Flite Tree Tent Review

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16 Responses

  1. Tomas says:

    Seems like adding the strap ratchets would cause more stress to a tree.

  2. Tam Phan says:

    Thanks for the detailed write up. I’ve been thinking about purchasing this tent, and there aren’t very many reviews up yet, so this was super helpful.

    Regarding your recommendation for using Dyneema cordage to replace the webbing, wouldn’t that hurt the tree, since there is a lot of force needed to keep the tent taut and the thinness of the cord could cut into the bark? I think I read somewhere on the Tentsile forums that this is why they still use their wider and heavier straps — to prevent the trees from becoming damaged.

    • Derek says:

      Sorry for the confusion. I wasn’t meaning to get rid of the protective webbing for the tree. Just reduce the webbing length and use dyneema instead. Just like with regular camping hammocks.

  3. Rachel says:

    Do you think it would be wise to purchase the tentile ladder for it if you were to be higher up? Is it compatible with it?

    • Derek says:

      There are no attachment points on the Flite. You could probably rig it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Also, since this version doesn’t have ratchets on each end you’d have to modify that as well do you could tie off and tighten from a distance.

  4. Matthew Koop says:

    Hi Derek, thanks for the reviews. Wondering if you have tried a couple of gongs that would make these hammock tents more versatile:
    1. If you just can’t find any trees, is it possible to pitch the Flite, the Connect or the Stringrsy on the ground. I guess you’d peg the threes points tightly as possible
    2. If you can’t find trees that are well position, is it possible to run s rope between two trees and attach the Flite to it? I’m guessing you would make a loop a the point which gives you the best alignment.

    • Derek says:

      Yes, you can pitch these on the ground. I suppose you could try to split the difference with another strap.

  5. jerry crite says:

    I have purchased this tent and a mini-t hammock. Do you think the mini-t is necessary for added insulation on the bottom?

  6. jerry crite says:

    I received my flite yesterday, put it up, used it for 30 mins, took it down, and found that the tent pole was bent at the third section from the head end. Is that a common problem? It is still usable, I am just wondering.

  7. Filip De Clercq says:

    Hi Derek, thanks for the review. Didn’t see any vents, how about condensation?

  8. Corri says:

    Thanks for great writeup Derek. The Tentsile website doesn’t recommend this tent for anyone above 6’1. How tall are you? And do you agree with that warning? I’m 6’2 and the tent seems perfect except for the fact that it may be too small for me.

    • Derek says:

      I think you could make it work, but keep in mind that sleeping on your side or in a fetal position might be more comfortable than sprawling out head-to-toe. I’m 5’10’ and I felt I had plenty of room. Our 72-inch pads fit just fine with room to spare.

  9. Gonzalo says:

    thanks for the review 🙂
    1) is it possible to take your bagpacks with you and leave them with no problem inside the tent at night?

    • Derek says:

      There’s plenty of storage space. But if you’re thinking you can store food or other odorous materials I would advise against that. Nylon is nylon and not much of a barrier to teeth and claws.

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