Treble Hammock Tree-O Hammock Frame Prototype Preview

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9 Responses

  1. Carl says:

    HI, Like the idea, but what about the tarp going over the top….how or would you suggest to hang the tarp? (as here in the UK we have a lot of rain!)

  2. Tord Hoppe says:

    Derek, what are your thoughts on how to rig the tarp(s) for this type of setup? I get the feel that one should be able to let the tarps rest on top of the rigging? Sort of having the rigging being the frame for the “roof” and then tying down the tarps towards the ground?

    • Derek says:

      It really depends on how you’ve set up the Tree-O, Tord. For a Y-up, side-by-side, a single hex tarp will easily cover both hammocks. If you have a more equilateral set-up, then a trio of overlapping diamond tarps would work very well. Check out my post on the 3-person hammock stand to see the overlapping option.

  3. Jake Case says:

    I think this could be nice for desert backpacking where you plan to camp at a spring or creek where you don’t know the layout in advance. Sometimes at such places, there are trees, but they are spaced far apart and it can be hard to find the right span. This could definitely be an addition in certain situations to help hammockers in the desert southwest avoid having to go to the ground. The 5 lb. weight could be off-putting, but could be worth it the the right spot!

  4. Dan says:


    Looking at the specs, it reads
    “750 lbs (340 kg) rated weight capacity”. Does that mean the hammocks, people, and all gear hung on it cannot exceed 750lbs?

    That seems to really limit it’s use to 2 person hammock camping than three, unless you are using it for kids.

    Do you know if Treble Hammock are working on this issue?

    Will you get to review the final product when it’s available?

    Thank you,


    • Derek says:

      From what I’ve been told, the weight capacity is total weight, so that would include gear. It really depends on who’s hanging. Three adults who weigh 200 lbs each is only 600 lbs, which leaves 150 lbs for gear. That’s plenty of wiggle room for 3 adults, plus or minus on the scale.

  5. Dave says:

    What happened to the version of this made from rap rings and webbing? Not the commercial version, but the original posting……

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