Yukon Outfitters Freedom Hammock Review

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  1. Dave says:

    Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the review, although you’re a few days late for me (I just bought one at the Friday Woot!). It is destined to replace/supplement my son’s Yukon Outfitters Lakeside hammock, which is more of a Brazilian/Navy style with the cotton/poly bed and cotton clew.

    I also have the YO Double from a few years ago – you’re correct in that the hammock is durable, and worthy of purchase – hanging with an excellent suspension shows how worthy they really are!

    (I also ordered the No-Fluy-Zone bugnet to cover this, as the Woot! prices were excellent – hopefully it lives up to my expectations of Yukon Outfitters. I did call them about it – I was pleased to hear that it attached via hooks vs. loops, and they had a breakaway put in – this should be perfect for my ridgeline! I’m looking forward to your review too…)

    So – my question, which I think I can assume from the pictures, but it’s not crystal clear – is the hammock a channel-sewn end with a sewn loop inside, or is the end gathered a different way, ala Hennessy et al?

    • Derek says:

      Thanks! Yes, it is a simple gathered end with a continuous webbing loop fed through the channel. Nothing more than that.

  2. Dan says:

    When you say that ” You can mix-and-match any number of bug nets, suspension systems, tarps, and other accessories to customize it to your liking” , how can I tell what works best with the hammock I’m customizing? I mean, this hammock looks bigger than most. So what should I be looking for in these areas?

    Thank you,


    • Derek says:

      I mentioned in my review the size of the hammock. It isn’t any bigger than most. Any bug net or tarp designed for hammocks will work with this hammock.

  3. Jerry says:

    Just curious, with the sewn loop, we attach a carabiner to the webbing loop? Or also use a whoopie sling? Got one today and curious how best to attach to my tree straps.

    • Derek says:

      You could use either. A whoopie sling could be attached on the hammock side or tarp side. Do you currently use a carabiner as part of your setup?

      • Jerry says:

        I actually have both. I kind of like the carabiner as to me, it is a little faster, just need to get some new ones with this setup or make a couple of new whoopies.

  4. Jerry says:

    I got out for a test hang this weekend. I noticed on mine that the camp pattern was on the inside of the hammock as the stuff sack opening went that way. Also the seems were on the outside of the hammock. Is this similar to yours? I looked at it several times to see if it was just me. Almost appears to be sewn backwards.

  5. Jerry says:

    That is what I thought at first but I looked and the stuff sack is sewn so that you can not stuff things in it is the fabric is turned the other way. Hard to explain.

    • Derek says:

      I’ve seen that on a few hammocks. I think the stuff sack was sewn on incorrectly. Just pull the stuff sack inside out so you can use it when laying in the hammock.

  6. Tom L. says:

    How would you compare this hammock with the Thermarest Slacker Single? I’ve been considering both of these and am wondering about any immediate strengths or weaknesses that stand out to you when comparing these two hammocks.

  7. Dan says:

    I got this hammock through the recent Woot offering, and it is a very comfortable hammock. The pricing was unbeatable! I am going to remove the webbing straps at the ends and upgrade to some whoopie slings.

    • Derek says:

      You can still add whoopie slings to the webbing without removing it. This also provides a close connection loop in case you need it.

  8. dwain hagan says:

    I love mine! Tried it…sold my eno. I got the cinch buckle kit from Dutch, and a double ended bag from another vendor. I carry this everywhhere. Not sure it will replace my blackbird, but for day hikes, and napping, couldnt be more happy. And for $24? No brainer. Now we have 3 YO hammocks and 2 YO tarps. Dont come out wit anything else for a while. Cant afford it.

  9. Neal Daugherty says:

    My local outfitter here in Wear’s Valley, TN, (GSM Outfitters) just told me they are going to be carrying the Yukon Outfitter line. I am seriously excited about this. Please continue with the planned reviews, as I need the input/information.

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