Therm-a-Rest Slacker Bug Shelter Review

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8 Responses

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    The Most important feature I see is the ability to tie out the net to the sides to keep it off your body.
    I have another brand (not mentioned) without this feature… And the mosquitoes ate up me knees and elbows whenever they came near the net!!!
    Great new feature!


  2. James Palermo says:

    Enjoyed the review. Can you tell me how the Slackers have been “updated”?

  3. Mike Smith says:

    Can you give the weight of the bug shelter without the ridgeline webbing? And the weight of the webbing strap ridge line only? Can you reduce weight by using a normal, thinner ridgeline and would you recommend it? If you put a big backpack and shoes and some other stuff into the bottom of the bug net, so you have reasonable weight in it, say for a long tour, will it pull the net uncomfortably tight? Will the pull outs make enough of a difference to compensate?
    Great reviews, I always enjoy reading your articles!

    • Derek says:

      I’ve updated the review. The ridge line webbing is 2.26 oz (64 g) and is easily removable. Yes, you can save some weight with a smaller line, like a 1.75 mm Amsteel Lash-it line. You could also put gear in the bottom of the net, but please note that it is not designed as a gear loft: there are no secondary supports to hold up the bottom area so the stress will be pulled through the netting. If you plan to do this, hang the hammock and net slightly lower so the bottom of the netting rests on the ground. This will also reduce the pull on the sides of the netting so it isn’t as tight.

  4. Don says:

    I have purchased this system and also thought the ridgeline was too long. I am new to Hammocking and have not been out yet. What length do you recommend for the ridgline?

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