Sierra Madre Research Pares and xPlor Hammock Review

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  1. Charlie says:

    Awesome review. I am looking at the Nube and Pares. Good to know its quality. Do you know when youll have a review of the Nube? There are very few out there. I only found one other review and really like different points of view.

    Would love to know how the Nube works with the Pares but also with other Hammocks like Eno Double Nest or Kammock Roo.

    Keep up the good work. You have a great balance of Opinion and Facts.

  2. Jordan says:

    Where do you tend to find the sweet spot in the Pares? I’ve added an adjustable ridgeline and some woopie slings to try and help myself get the right sag and sleep on the diagonal, but I just feel like I’m missing out. The fabric seems very resistant, I get some (not a ton) of shoulder squeeze, and my head seems far too elevated (I hang my foot end about a foot higher than my head end to try and help with this). Any advice?

    • Derek says:

      To be blunt, the Pares may not be a good match for you. In my own experience, I have other hammocks I find more comfortable. It’s really a personal choice, and I wouldn’t get too worried if the Pares just doesn’t fit well. The fabric flexes more and is less to my liking (more shoulder squeeze, harder to find a sweet spot). Other people like that type of stretch. You may try a firmer fabric style, like the Therm-a-Rest Slacker single.

      • Jordan says:

        I was thinking of ordering a WBBB XLC single 1.7. I know it’s very popular, alongside the original blackbird. Do you think it would offer a substantially more comfortable night’s sleep?

        • Derek says:

          It’s a little bigger than the blackbird but I would only get the XLC if I were taller than 6 ft and/or wanted four season modularity.

          • Jordan says:

            I am 6″2 so the increased size would help, and I really like the option of removing the bug net. Would you think I would get a substantial increase in comfort though, or would I be better off ordering a ridgerunner or something else entirely?

  3. Dan says:


    I’m new to camping and have two boys in cub scouts, the older crossing over to boy scouts in the winter. I’m researching gear for camping and found your site. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s excellent.

    When you review gear, do you look at it from different levels of experience? Do you have something that says this is good for beginners or experts, and so on?



    • Derek says:

      Good question, Dan. The most complicated part of a hammock, in terms of technical things, is rigging it up with the suspension. I have a post specifically addressing suspension systems for new hangers, but the basics are pretty easy to master. I highly recommend getting my book, which has a lot of info on setting up a hammock right.

  4. Lane Douglas says:

    Your site and book are great tools, can’t wait for the new book! (Soon I hope?)
    I have a Pares, only to use on my lower porch at the house. I can’t get it to hang right. I’ve used the hang calculator, a tape measure, I have the numbers perfect. My issues, tight on shoulders, head to high, just too tight end to end. I follow all the numbers, but hang angle is not even close to 30. Suggestions? I’m 6′ 230#, but my grandson, about 5’6″, 130#, has similar issues.

    • Derek says:

      The other mitigating factor is the fabric itself. This is a variable I cannot account for in the calculator: accounting for stretch. I’ve had the exact same issue in a number of hammocks, the SMR hammocks are one. If the fabric stretches too much, even a proper hang won’t solve the problem of bottoming out in some hammocks. Some lightweight fabrics have this same issue. I’ve developed “ruts” in some hammocks where my body will just slip into and I’m stuck in that angle. Sometimes that adversely affects the shoulder squeeze and lay angle. I would try a different hammock. Some of the diamond weave nylon and polyester fabrics are less stretchy.

  5. Filip says:


    If you were to compare SMR Pares and Kammok Roo for a tall guy of 1.86 and small girl of 1m60, which one would you choose ?
    In terms of softness of the tissue, which one is standing ?

    They are both solid and professionnaly crafted.

    Thanks for answer ! 🙂

    • Derek says:

      I’d get the larger Roo for your size. The SMR has nicer cozy fabric but it also stretches more. Not a big deal for many.

      • Filip says:

        Huh, Well in sizing specifications, SMR Pares seems to be larger and longer than Roo …
        Checked on both sites.

        • Derek says:

          You’re right, sorry! I mixed it up with their smaller hammock. So size-wise, about the same. The Pares has a softer feel, but more stretchy.

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