AntiGravityGear Quicksilver Ultralight Hammock Review

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  1. Sandy Kramer says:

    The Quicksilver UL set sounds similar to my DD Hammocks Superlight set. Have you reviewed? I’m 5’/female and will be overnighting in it for the first time at this week’s Florida Sherpa Hang.

    Hammock is 270 grams with huggers and soft shackles.

    I’m willing to ship it to you if you’d like to review. Would be a good comparison. There are several YouTube videos.

    • Derek says:

      I’d love to do a review. I’ve only tested the DD Jungle Hammock, which is a much more involved product, I’m sure. The DD Superlight kit has been on my radar.

  2. David Spratt says:

    Could you tell me what is included in the Hennessy Hyperlite system that you state the weight is 50.3 oz? I have an early model Hyperlite w/o the zipper and the total weight with stock rainfly and suspension system and stuff sack is 26.85 oz. The Hennessy website gives the weight as 1# 12 oz with zipper.

    • Derek says:

      Mine is a zipper model from last year. Snake skins XL. Asym sil tarp. Stock rope suspension. 4′ straps. I was surprised to see the weight difference on my scale, but I will double check it tonight.

    • Derek says:

      David, I owe you! Thank you for fact-checking me. I had accidentally weighed my Hennessy Deep Jungle, not the Hyperlite. They are both stuffed in SnakeSkins and I made a very amateur mistake. I’ve fixed the post with the correct weight.

      The Hennessy Hyperlite I have weighs 34 oz (966 g). This includes the hammock with side zipper entry, XL SnakeSkins, stock rope suspension, and an asymmetric silnylon tarp. Everything is stock. Add a set of straps (57 g) for a total of 36 oz (1,023 g).

      • David Spratt says:

        36 oz still sounds heavy. Mine is all stock – no snake skins, but in a stock stuff sack, which should be approx. the same weight as the snake skins. I don’t understand what the added 2 oz set of straps are. Mine has the stock straps. This is not really important, I am just curious about what may be different between our hammocks.

        • Derek says:

          Yours is bottom entry, correct? The zipper on my model adds some weight. Each hem on the zipper is independently edged with bias tape, so there are many places where the ounces add up. The straps are basic Hennessy tree huggers, about 4 ft long. These newer models also have a grosgrain webbing and toggle on the inside that can be used to pull away the bug net to one side. I would say that there are enough changes between our two models to account for the few ounces of difference, which is much closer than the Deep Jungle I originally measured!

          Even in the same batch of hammocks, I’ve seen slight variations of weight, regardless of manufacturer. There are just so many little things that can add grams here and there.

          • David Spratt says:

            Yes, mine is a bottom entry. You are probably right about all the differences adding up. I just wouldn’t have thought that they added up to 9 oz. I enjoy reading your blog. One of my favorite tips is the Garda Hitch with welded steel rings from the hardware store, although I couldn’t find 8 gram rings like you had in your video. The smallest I could find was 3/4″ ID at about 18 grams for two. They make it a cinch to tighten and center the hammock. I have some 1/2″ bull-tape (found at flea market for $3.00 for 100 ft) to use with the steel rings and whoopie hooks making my total suspension weight about 2 oz. with 5 ft of bull-tape on each end. Also borrowed some tips from Sgt Rock’s suspension. This should make my total Hyperlite weight about 24 oz. Also, want to get a Zpacks 8 1/2 X 10 or 11 cuben tarp (when I save some $$$$) for a whole lot more coverage that should be about the same or less weight than the skimpy stock asym tarp from Hennessy. This would also allow me to go to ground if needed when I take one of my grand-kids backpacking.

  3. Al Brookins says:

    Great review. And timely. I’m trying to shed weight for this years hiking season.
    The tarp weight kills this kit.
    A comparison might be this wish list:
    Zpacks Standard Hammock Tarp weight in Cuben – 6.5 ounces (184 grams) / $249
    or Zpacks Asymmetrical Diamond 4.3 ounces (122 grams) / $175
    Dutch Argon Hammock ARGON Hammock $30.00 (274 grams)
    Dutch Fronkey Syle Bugnet The 11 footer weighs 7 ounces. $45.00
    Dutch Kevlar® Tree Huggers 4’/ 31.27 grams/$11.40 per pair
    Dutch Amsteel Whoopie Slings (single) $7.00 (12.8 grams)

    I’m now in a full blown comfort rig: WBRR Bridge with carbon poles and a superfly. This above kit would save me 21-1.5 pounds easily.

  4. Al Brookins says:

    the baove sb a savings of “1-1.5 pounds easily”

  5. Ryan says:

    Would be great to see pictures differences of the standard tarp vs storm tarp. Super review, thanks!

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