Bonefire Gear 30°F Insulated Hammock

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  1. Rick says:

    This, but with a zipper, would be nice. That way you could ventilate a bit, and swap underquilts to match the season. Regardless, I like the idea. I also like that it is longer than normal production hammocks.

    • We like to keep things simple, but if you have an idea that you want tried, let us know.

      • Rick says:

        I love the idea of an integrated underquilt. I think it’s perfect, no messing around.
        As I was reading Derek’s post it occurred to me that for the investment it would be nice to have a way to swap out the quilt between trips, allowing the ability to buy a lighter or heavier secondary underquilt that would zip onto your hammock. I suppose that it would make it tougher to keep a connection over the width of the hammock.

        • Derek says:

          An interesting idea. Sounds like some innovation around the corner.

        • That would be difficult as the outer layer of the hammock is the inner layer of the quilt. We might be able to drum something up like that, but I’m not sure if a zipper would work. You’ve given me something to think about.

        • GreatBigDave says:

          You could always add an underquilt to push into lower temps.

        • BikerDad says:

          It strikes me that the zipper based modularity would work contrary to one spoken and one market/customer goal.

          The spoken goal is weight. You would be upping the weight with the zipper system. Given how focused on weight reduction many ultra-light backpackers can be, I’m not sure whether the target market will embrace such a solution.

          The second challenge is similar. A zipper based modular system brings a very high probability of system lock, i.e. you can only use gear within this system. In the tech world, the analogy is Mac vs PC Some people are okay with that, others, not so much. Before venturing into producing such a system, it would behoove a maker to consider whether THIS market can support it, AND whether or not the maker can cover enough bases to provide enough options.

          • Which is another reason that we have decided to make only minor changes to the system, but we do not plan to become modular beyond the current design. Expect the final design to be reviewed soon.
            We will not be offering a quilt that is removable.

  2. Max Eriksson says:

    Hi Derek,

    I live in Sweden where it’s pretty cold all year around and I think that you would need an underquilt even during most summer hangs. I’m new to hammocking and I just started this winter. I really really like the idea of an insulated hammock and I’m pretty sure that I,m going to get get either the bonefire or the sheltowee boone 20. Since you’ve done a review of both these hammocks, or at least the sheltowee 40,, I wonder if you can shed some light and thoghts regarding lay/sleeping comfort in theese hammocks?

    I like the integrated bugnet in the bonefire but on the other hand a bugnet would only be a requirement during late spring and summer, in sweden. Rest of the year it might be nice not having a bugnet!?

    From a pricing perspective the sheltowee seems to offer most bang for the buck. $377 for hammock, bugnet and overcover.

    The bonefire has an edge when it comes to weight 822g vs 1121g.

    But I think the most important thing is the lay/sleep comfort and as far as I know you’re the only person who has used them both!


    • Derek says:

      The Sheltowee has an add-on bug net you could use, along with a winter shell that also goes over the top. I’ve tested the winter cover and it works well. The Bonefire is really a purpose-made hammock that, as you say, is driving at getting the features very streamlined. There are some trade-offs. The Sheltowee has an open-hammock design so you are not restricted on the lay direction or style as you are in the Bonefire. Considering your situation, I would lean toward the Sheltwoee. The lay is very comfortable; one of the best I’ve seen across many hammock designs, not just the Bonefire.

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