2014 Hammock Holiday Gift Guide

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  1. Scott Raines says:

    For the DIYer I highly recommend DIY Gear Supply at http://diygearsupply.com

    I’m sure all the others mentioned have great service but I can personally vouch for Scott’s amazing above and beyond customer service. It is my go to place for almost all my DIY projects.

  2. Roland Hahn says:

    Or choose “Extremtextil” (http://www.extremtextil.de/catalog/) for european DIYer.

  3. Patricia Neville (grannypat) says:

    For a person just getting interested in hammocking, I would suggest an Argon hammock from Dutchweargear: http://dutchwaregear.com/argon-hammock.html. It’s a basic hammock at a wonderful price. People just starting out are sometimes overwhelmed about all of the options available for a hammock. They don’t want to plunk down a bunch of money and they don’t know if they prefer to sleep left or right, if they like a knot on the gathered end, or if they want the suspension through the channel, like ENO, and they don’t know if they want a knotty mod (the hems in the edges are large enough that one can easily be added later). You can also order a simple suspension from Dutch, as well as a ton of cool bling, as you have already noted. I guess this hammock would be good for someone already hammocking, because it just lets you play with tricking it out. That’s why I got one.

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