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2014 Hammock Holiday Gift Guide

As our family readies for the holidays, I thought it would be fun to put together a post on some hammock-related gift ideas based on my own recommendations (e.g., these are not sponsored posts 🙂

For The Beginner

Whether for yourself or for your buddy who is just getting started.

  • The Ultimate Hang Book—Help get someone else converted to hammock camping.
  • Daisy chain tree straps—I highly recommend either the ENO Atlas or KAMMOK Python straps for their ease-of-use. I hate seeing beginners use rope systems. I may just buy a few of these myself and Pay-it-Forward when I see someone hanging with rope…
  • JRB Double-sided Stuff Sack—My favorite stuff sack style, available in two sizes.

For The Do-it-Yourself Addict

For The Hanger Who Has (almost) Everything

  • Camping pillow from Arrowhead Equipment—I have one of the small Snoring Cub pillows and love it. These pillows are designed for hammocks, with an attachment cord you clip on to the peak of your hammock so the pillow doesn’t get lost or slip under your back when you get up.
  • A pair of continuous loops from—These loops are a hammock work horse and are great for nearly any type of suspension system. Great for lightweight packing and for those “hammock snobs” who want to try something else.
  • Anything DutchWare—Dutch has a treasure box full of hammock tchotchke from quilt hooks to strap clips. It’s a pretty safe bet that even if you’ve got “everything,” Dutch has probably released something new.

Have another idea? Please post it in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “2014 Hammock Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. Patricia Neville (grannypat)

    For a person just getting interested in hammocking, I would suggest an Argon hammock from Dutchweargear: It’s a basic hammock at a wonderful price. People just starting out are sometimes overwhelmed about all of the options available for a hammock. They don’t want to plunk down a bunch of money and they don’t know if they prefer to sleep left or right, if they like a knot on the gathered end, or if they want the suspension through the channel, like ENO, and they don’t know if they want a knotty mod (the hems in the edges are large enough that one can easily be added later). You can also order a simple suspension from Dutch, as well as a ton of cool bling, as you have already noted. I guess this hammock would be good for someone already hammocking, because it just lets you play with tricking it out. That’s why I got one.

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