Backpacking the Sunset Trail on Mount Elden

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  1. Larry says:

    Well….I hiked down my stairs into my basement and did an overnighter in my Grand Trunk ultralight hammock which was hung on my portable pipe stand I built yesterday. I survived! Seriously though I hope to be able to do some outdoor hanging in the near future. Fantastic post by you and your son with equally fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing this story. LW

    • Derek says:

      You make me laugh 🙂 I have lots of those epic indoor adventures myself 🙂 Although, I don’t have the vertical climb you do (I don’t have any stairs).

  2. Bill Yeomans says:

    Looks like you had the weather with you. Great trip report.
    Last time i used mine was at our Scout Challenge Camp but it was very grey and wet here in the UK. Bill Y

  3. Patricia Neville (grannypat) says:

    Glad you finally made the dream happen. Thanks for sharing the trip report and gorgeous pictures.

  4. Mel Church says:

    It’s wonderful you can share your hikes with your son. Hiking with my son brought us closer than regular life ever could. Thanks for the report and your reviews.

  5. Colby Spath says:

    Review coming for the Nube setup? Or did I miss that?

    • Derek says:

      Next week. We did use the Nubé tarp and Sierra Madre hammocks on this trip, but I still need to get the rest of the details and photos for the review.

  6. Colby Spath says:

    I’m gonna splurge on a new setup for Spring and i have all Winter to overanalyze, lol

  7. Curtis says:

    I’d love to see more info on setting up in a “bunk bed configuration”.

  8. Tord Hoppe says:

    Great report och beautiful pictures!

  9. Tord Hoppe says:

    Regarding bunk bed rigging I´ve found that my kids don´t “get” laying diagonally in the hammock. I usually rig their hammocks tighter, with a shallow angle to the trees. This has the added benefit of reducing the overall height of the bunk bed, which in turn means that the tarp gives better coverage for the lower bed. Since the kids don´t weigh all that much the added tensile forces are not that high.

  10. Juli says:

    We bunk with the Hambunks System. They work very nicely because both hammocks share the same set of straps. The smaller hammock acts as a sort of ridgeline for the larger hammock below, giving it a nice arch for laying diagonal. You can see the Hambunks System here:

  11. Alex says:


    Do you happen to have a full gear list with weights for this trip?

    Every time I go camping in similar weather I seem to end up at ~24lbs even before food and water.


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