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Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock Single Review

Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock Single

I’ve had the pleasure of testing the Therm-a-Rest Slacker hammock for the past few weeks and I’ve been loving it. My first impressions, based on the available material, was that the polyester-based hammock would have a firmer lay than the typical parachute nylon hammocks that are in the market. The reality is that the Slacker hammock has a very comfortable, light stretch—something I wasn’t expecting.

Slacker Hammock Single Details

What they say What I say
Dimensions 116 x 63 in (295 x 160 cm) 120 x 61 in (305 x 155 cm)
Weight 20 oz (567 g) 15 oz (425 g) (hammock only)

Listed Features

  • MSRP: $69.95 (Single)
  • Soft, 100% diamond ripstop polyester fabric
  • Superior wicking and dries faster than nylon
  • Included carabiners
  • Capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg)


Like other basic hammocks, the Slacker comes with end loops that help gather the ends and provide attachment points for the hammock. Unlike these other hammocks, however, the Slacker uses 3/4 in (2 cm) wide webbing that is sewn into a twisted circle. Two carabiners were included with the hammock, but there was no other suspension system included. From the hang tag, it looks like Therm-a-Rest is planning to retail “Slacker Suspenders” —tree-friendly webbing straps that boast “knot-free adjustability.” It is difficult to tell from the photos how this is achieved, whether the Suspenders will be daisy-chain style or use some other hardware device for adjustability.

The hammock stuffs into its own pocket that is sewn on the long edge, right in the middle, similar to most every other basic hammock. This stuff sack has a pillowcase design with a flap that helps keep everything stowed. A small red webbing strap on the stuff sack provides a handy carrying or attachment point.

The overall build quality is excellent: straight, even stitching, no loose threads, tight hemming. Even the interior of the stuff sack has been neatly edged.

The Cool Stuff You Should Notice First

Here are the stand-out items of the Slacker hammock that I really love:

  1. The Slacker hammock is made from one (1) solid piece of fabric. Why is this great? A lot of basic hammocks (with only a few notable exceptions) are made from three (3) pieces of fabric. This is done, in part, to provide colorful options. But the seams used to join these pieces together can be uncomfortable, and in my experience and observations, most folks avoid sleeping on these ridges. The single panel of fabric (on both the Single and Double versions of the Slacker) provide a much larger, unobstructed lay area when sleeping diagonally.
  2. The Slacker hammocks is BIG for a single and HUGE for a double. The Slacker Single that I have measures out to be 10 × 5 ft (3 × 1.5 m)—this is as big or bigger than most “double” hammocks on the market today. For most folks, the “double” hammock is the standard, but not for Therm-a-Rest. They have appropriately sized the single and made it the perfect dimension for one person.
  3. The polyester fabric is easier to imprint, and Therm-a-Rest has already promised different colors, patterns, and designs when they hit store shelves.
  4. The Slacker hammock fabric is soft, cozy, and comfortable. Let’s talk about this fabric in more detail, shall we?

Comfort and Feel

The diamond-ripstop polyester fabric that Therm-a-Rest is using is remarkable. As I mentioned before, I was expecting a firmer lay based on other polyester hammocks I’ve tried. This fabric has a much softer feel with a nice stretch that I haven’t experienced in synthetic fabrics before. The fabric is almost cotton-like in how it stretches, providing a nice pocket for my head and ankles that really reduces common strain points.


I love this new fabric because it has the soft feel and flex of a natural fiber but with the wicking, quick-drying, and lighter weight of synthetic. My slumbers in this hammock have been deep and comfortable. In fact, this hammock has the same comfort compared with longer hammocks, such as one of my other favorites, the Sheltowee Boone hammock.



The Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock Single is surprisingly light and comfortable. Instead of just copying the “parachute nylon” crowd, Therm-a-Rest did their homework on this design and hit a home run with the final product. I’m very pleased with this hammock, particularly the fabric—the feel is soft and the lay is comfy. Matched with a bug net and tarp, this hammock will make a great camping hammock or just a backyard lounger or indoor bed replacement. It’s definitely a top contender against the established brands.

Disclosure of material connection: The author (Derek Hansen) was provided with a free sample from the manufacturer for testing and evaluation purposes. The comments in this post (written & spoken) are of my own opinion, which I formed after personally handling the gear. I was under no obligation to publish a review of this item.

38 thoughts on “Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock Single Review”

    1. Gavin, I’m not 100% sure what you mean here — are you talking about using a sleeping pad inside the Slacker hammock? If so, then yes. The Slacker hammock is just a basic hammock so any under quilt, pad, or common insulation will work here. There are no special modifications needed.

  1. Thanks for the review. Been very curious since I first heard about it. That fabric looks gorgeous, and by the sound of it, feels great too. Looking forward to seeing this when it comes out.

  2. I have a lightweight Grand Trunk hammock with the same diamond pattern. They don’t make it any longer. It is my small, always take it with you hammock, unless I am hammock camping. It is more comfortable than any other material I have with the exception of my HH. The 400 lb weight limit is also a benefit for the large person. I may have to add a 7th hammock to my collection mainly because of this polyester diamond pattern. I hope they add a pocket or place to hold a pad in place.

  3. How does the diamond ripstop compare to the type used in the Kammok Roo hammock? It looks very similar and is the only other brand I know of that uses it.

  4. The Slacker Straps are ingenious. Adjustable heavy duty webbing. Cinches tight with just a pull. Infinitely Adjustable. Very cool.

  5. Derek,
    I like the idea of this hammock. Therm-a-rest makes nice gear. The price is good. The double is a nice width, and ripstop-poly sounds great. I’m 6’2″ so I’m thinking that 116″ might feel short. What do you think? Do you know of another company that has similar specs in a longer length?

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  7. Enjoyed your review, just ordered me one of the doubles. My first hammock so we will see how things go.
    Thanks Again for your reviews and Info.

    1. Loving the Hammock, Using It as an Indoors Hang to sleep in. It’s Great Little to No Stretch. Well made I got the Double Size and it’s just right.

  8. Great Review, Im looking to get one of these. It doesnt seem like Thermarest are doing a proprietary tarp for this yet. With the size being larger than most “single” size hammocks, do you have a recommendation for any particular tarp that will work for this? Will the Eno tarps be ok? Thanks!!

    1. Any of the ENO tarps will work fine, as will the Grand Trunk Funky Forest Tarp, or the Ticket to the Moon tarp, to name a few that are in the same average price range. Most hammock tarps have a ridge line of around 11 feet, which provides a good amount of coverage off the end of a hammock that is hung with a good sag.

      1. Thanks D! Going to Big Bend’s south rim on an overnighter in late April. Planning on running a hammock system in the Chisos Mountains. Cant wait.

  9. Hey Derek,

    I’m looking at this as a first hammock. It will mostly be used for lounging around camp on backpacking trips with my girlfriend. Do you think 2 slim/athletic people can sit comfortably in the single hammock? Also, would you prefer this one or the Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon Hammock?


    1. Yes! The single from Therm-a-Rest is as big as most “Double” hammocks on the market, but I find it so much more comfortable and convenient, thanks to the single-panel fabric design. Yes, I would pick this hammock over any of the parachute nylon hammocks on the market, including Grand Trunk. The fabric on the Slacker hammock has such a nice hand, and to me, feels more like cotton than any synthetic. It feels great.

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  11. Hi Derek,

    Great review as always, I am looking to buy my first hammock. My primary uses for it will be to just comfortably “hang out” in the many parks and cabins I visit. And also some overnight car camping. I’m 5″11 200 pounds. With the super simple straps that offered from Therm-a-rest could this be the “perfect” hammock for me.

    I’ve also been looking at the Trek light double, from what I can gather their product is good as well plus they have a great web site, customer support and a good vibe. Do you know anything about this company. I found you through them.

    Coming back to comfort, ease of use, and possibly using indoors as a sleeper being the biggest factors for me what would you recommend out of all the basic hammocks for that matter?


    1. Trek Light is good. It’s a common parachute nylon hammock like many others. Nothing terribly outstanding. They do have a great vibe. They are all equally easy to use. Other factors are cost and availability. I like the Therm-a-rest fabric the best.

    2. Love my Therm-A-Rest Double. Sleeping in it full time Indoors and took it on my first camping trip a few weeks ago. Love the Hammock and the feel it has, less stretch than nylon, you don’t belly out.
      I am 5′ 9″ and 240 lbs. The wife is using a single, she’s a lot smaller.
      A Quality Product made in the USA.
      Try Back-Country or Austin Kayak they usually offer 15 to 20 % off coupons.
      All the best!

  12. Hey Derek,

    This is Craig again I forgot to ask about single vs double, I’m hesitant on the double cocooning me and giving me shoulder squeeze. I don’t want to necessarily be swallowed right? One review I saw had a guy laying diagonal with the side up high putting pressure on the top of his head, would a single do the same. Sorry for all the questions, I’m new at this. Thanks again!

    1. Sleeping diagonally is the way to go! Flatter lay and better sleep. Doubles are wider and often allow more room. But for me, the single Therm-a-rest is better. Shoulder squeeze most often happens when you pitch the hammock too tight and you sleep in line with the hammock.

  13. Anybody thats interested in purchasing the Therm-A-Rest should check out Their $10 bucks cheaper then anywear else I could find and have free shipping. Also through Father’s Day enter FATHERS as a promo for an extra 20% off. My double and straps came to 84.00. Other sites have deals but when you add a promo the price drops just below the threshold for free shipping basically making it a wash. Thanks to all for the help, I can’t wait to take a siesta lakeside!

  14. So I just got my Slacker and while I haven’t hanged it yet, I was a bit worried about a negative review on packabililiy and usability from a different well established reviewer. Without divulging that source all I can say so far is unfurling and cleanly repacking the slacker is a easy and clean endeavor for anyone with experience folding a boat cover tarp. So much so that I had room to add the slacker strap set, in its own pouch, while able to maintain the square profile of attached hammock sack! Now heading out the door to see how I do on my maiden voyage setting up not just this but any hammock, will report when done.

    1. No. My weights are just for the piece indicated. I usually weigh individual components and then summarize them. In this review, I was working with a pre-production prototype and the hardware wasn’t final. I was given production samples that I will be reviewing soon.

  15. Derek, Thanks for submitting the review on this hammock as it was the driving persuasion that covienced me to buy a Thermarest prototype Hammock this past weekend on eBay–I really like this hammock. I have never hammocked before, so I speak without any experience. I would like to know in your opinion what rainproof tarp would best mate up with this 116 inch long hammock? Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. Most any hammock tarp will work. Remember that a hammock, when properly hung, has a sag, which reduces its overall length by around 20%.

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