Hummingbird Hammock Single Review

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12 Responses

  1. Cranky Old Guy says:

    So … how does it compare to the champion of UL hammocks, the Grand Trunk Nano?

  2. Cranky Old Guy says:

    The Nano is 5oz. and 5 ft. x 4 ft. (according to your earlier review) so it’s a little smaller and heavier. Does it sleep better?

    • Derek says:

      The Hummingbird Single is slightly lighter or just about equal when comparing just fabric to fabric. My measurements on the Nano that came out to 5 oz (dimensions are 9 × 4 ft (2.7 × 1.2 m) are for the fabric only. The Hummingbird at 5 oz includes the rope loops on the ends and the soft shackle carabiners. The Hummingbird is just barely smaller, and I’m sure to some, I’m splitting hairs. The fabrics are very similar, but I think the Nano stretches just a little more than the Hummingbird, but I would say the lay is about the same.

      In terms of ‘best lay’ in the UL category, my vote is will the BIAS Weight Weenie Micro. It’s 1 ounce heavier (depending on how you accessorize it), but the longer length more than makes up for it. I sleep much better, without compromises, in the BIAS.

  3. Sandy Kramef says:

    Sounds like my DD Hammocks Superlight hammock. Have u had a chance to demo it?

    • Derek says:

      I’d almost forgotten about the new offering from DD. No, I haven’t tested that one. What is your experience with it?

      • Doug Lynch says:

        I loved my old grey BIAS WW.
        I’d like to find a replacement.
        I skipped the WW (now only in green).
        Instead I’ve bought a WW micro. Of course the fabric is different. (Its little less “plastic” and a little less stretchy and it only comes in Camoflague.)
        I haven’t really learned to love it.
        I’m still looking for a long and light alternative to slot into the “go-to” hammock set up place that the WW micro doesn’t really fill.
        The DD Hammock superlight looks to be a lot smaller but I’ll try it out and get back to you. (My Nano 7 died and the DD will hopefully fill that role.)

        Any other tips for a long and light simple hammock?

  4. Benjamin Leaman says: had never considered this 🙂 now I just need to figure out how to rig one in the bedroom when the queen mattress takes 30% of the room.

  5. chadlangston says:

    Great site Derek! Can you discuss the stretch aspect a bit more? I recently slept in an Eno double and slept like a baby. I was able to stay on the diagonal and even sleep on my side with my legs in fetal position. How will the Hummingbird fabric compare to the Eno? I am looking at the Hummingbird double as a way to drop my pack weight. But, it wouldn’t be worth bad sleep.

    • Derek says:

      It’s more a question of how heavy you are and how much the fabric will stretch for you. I sleep cozy in the hummingbird.

      • chadlangston says:

        I am 6’4″ 200lbs. Really trying to get an idea how much I am going to dislike the plasticy feel and lay vs the soft tafetta nylon of the eno. What about warmth? Is the hummingbird warmer? Thank you Derek!

        • Derek says:

          The hummingbird is light and thin. If anything it will feel cooler than the thicker ENO material. The hummingbird is a true parachute nylon material. It is all about weight savings. The dramatic difference in size and weight are the two main features. There may be some compromises for some folks but if you are looking for the lightest, most comfortable hammock, is it worth it?

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