Byer of Maine Moskito Kakoon Hammock Review

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  1. milligan308 says:

    Derek, Loved your review! I just purchased my first ever hammock. I am not sure about hanging from trees but the price is right to test it out. Thanks. Don

  2. Ted says:

    Hanger noobie here. I thought from reading your book and other various sites that you wanted mosquito netting to go all around you because they can bite you from underneath through the hammock? This doesn’t look like it does that.

    Also the price is awesome. My first and only purchase so far is a trek light and it was more expensive then this without the ropes and netting.

    • Derek says:

      Yes, Mosquitos can sometimes bite through the bottom of a hammock, but there are many easy ways to defend against that. If you use a sleeping bag, under quilt, or pad beneath you, you’ll be well protected. Treating your hammock with permethrin is another way to protect when you don’t want or need anything beneath you. Bites from below are not a common problem because we often have something beneath us.

  3. Jeanna says:

    Ok, Derek…..we are new to this. I bought by son (10) a Eno hammock and it was stolen before he even got to use it. We are going camping this weekend in the mountains (we live at the beach) and I want to buy him another one. I saw this and loved the idea due to price and netting. How does this brand compare to Eno and is there issue using it reversed without the netting? Just trying to decide which hammock to go with. Thanks for any info.

    • Derek says:

      ENO and similar hammocks are great rough and tumble hammocks. The Byer hammock has the same fabric but it is lighter. I haven’t done any stress testing but I wouldn’t be as rough with the byer. That said, I don’t hesitate to recommend it. It is a great hammock at a great price. If it were me, is simply remove the rods in the netting and then there are no issues.

  4. Juniper says:

    Hi there! Thanks for this review. I am considering hammock camping for the first time later this month and am looking for a good starter hammock. This seems ideal with the mosquito netting for protection from bugs, but I am concerned about the size. You said it might be tight for some. I’m about 5’9″. Do you think I would be comfortable in this hammock or do you recommend something bigger? Thanks.

  5. Shawn Read says:

    Hello Derek, Thanks for the great website! I just purchased your book and I am really looking forward to reading it. I’m trying to make up my mind on either this hammock or the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro as my first hammock, do you have a recommendation either way?

    • Derek says:

      How tall are you? Do you care about how light the hammock is? Over 6 ft and I’d get the skeeer. Lightweight backpacker? Go for the Kakoon.

      • Shawn Read says:

        I’m 5’7″, so maybe the Skeeter is a bit big for me, I will get the Kakoon. Thanks for the help!

        • Shawn Read says:

          Hey Derek, I picked up the Moskito Kakoon and a set of Eno Atlas straps based on your recommendations, and so far it seems like a really fun and easy system! One more question if you don’t mind – What kind of knot should I tie to make a continuous loop like in your video? Would it be a problem to just tie a lark’s head to a carabiner with the existing Kakoon ropes to shorten then instead of making a continuous loop? Thanks!

          • Derek says:

            I use about a 12-14 inch length of rope and tie a loop with a fisherman knot. I feed the loop through and tie a larks head on the hammock. You can secure the loop to the carabiner with a larks head if you want too.

          • Shawn Read says:

            Ok, great, Thanks again for the information, and for all the great videos as well!

          • Derek says:

            You’re welcome! More to come!

  6. will says:

    I’m going to Texas for a week is this a good hammock I’m small

  7. Matt Brindle says:

    Hello, Derek. Great review. Can I sleep at an angle in this hammock, keeping my back relatively flat, as in one of the Hennessey hammocks? Thanks.

    • Derek says:

      Yes, of course! All gathered-end hammocks can do this. The difference with Hennessy is that the bug net is sewn with an asymmetric design, which prescribes the diagonal lay. Open hammocks, and jungle hammocks like the Kakoon allow you to lay diagonally in either direction (head left/feet right; head right/feet left).

  8. Liam Grice says:

    I fell in love with hammocking in the older version of this hammock with the nettle strings( sale price was10$,no netting). Even though there was a tangle factor, it was very long and light. After using a more expensive gathered end hammock, I will be going back and buying the same older style but with netting. The older version is still around, but looks like this is the replacement at Nearly 3 feet shorter. There was something about that type of hammock that was very comfortable. The fabric? The length? The strings?

  9. Sydney says:

    Hi I noticed you mentioned the options of threading a whoopie sling or a continuous loop in order to enhance the suspension system. I was curious what whoopie sling would you suggest getting for this particular hammock? I was looking around and noticed that some are specified to certain hammock brands and some seem universal.

    • Derek says:

      I would argue that all whoopie slings are universal. Some retailers may recommend them for a certain hammock but it’s mostly marketing.

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