Elevated Movement Hammock Review

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  1. Awesome!! I’m so looking forward to get one of these too! I do have a question, though… In the first picture in the group of 8 at the bottom… http://theultimatehang.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/elevated-in-room.png … I’m curious what you have as far as wall mount and suspension for this. It looks like you have either an eye lag bolt or an ENO indoor mount kit attached to the wall and then a carabiner attached directly to that? Could you do a close up picture of that? I’d LOVE to attach a carabiner directly to the wall mount for my kids, but I thought that wasn’t safe or that it’d break the carabiner. Could you give some more details please? Thanks, Derek! =:)

    • Derek says:

      Sure Jason. I actually did a post and a video on hanging indoors that might interest you. Most of the time I use large eye bolts (at last count, I have 7 hang points in my house, in 4 different rooms). I have a pair of ENO’s hang kit in my master bedroom (it’s more discreet). I’ve read that hardware on hardware (carabiners on eye bolts) is bad. Certainly in some situations, like doing a multi-pitch climb up El Capitan, you want to minimize risks. Indoors with a hammock, I don’t have any problem clipping a carabiner to other hardware (you’ll note from the video that I use S-hooks and short chain links for adjustability). The problem with hardware-on-hardware is they can be very unforgiving if things flex. With a fixed-point hammock indoors, especially with a carabiner on a large eye-bolt, the twisting action that would cause problems is minimal if not nonexistent.

      • Jason Kasper says:

        Thanks again, Derek! Yeah, I remember watching your hammock video a long time ago, when it first started indoor hammocking. =:) Have you ever tried attaching climbing carabiners like the Black Diamond Neutrino directly to hardware like the ENO indoor hanging kit?

        • Derek says:

          Yes. I’ve clipped directly. As I said before, the movement and stress are far less in a hammock. Of course, I will not be liable if your equipment fails 🙂 adding a short cord or webbing is certainly a good idea and I do that in my room with the ENO hooks. Which, by the way, are just normal climbing anchors with the ENO branded on.

          • Jason Kasper says:

            LOL, yes, disclaimers understood. And I didn’t realize the ENO hooks were normal climbing anchors! I could probably get those cheaper! I guess I should ask Black Diamond directly to make sure their Neutrino biners are safe to use with stainless steel climbing anchors. I asked ENO that question and they said I shouldn’t mix different metal materials, and since their climbing anchors are stainless steel, I should only use steel biners and not whatever metal the Neutrino biners are made from. Also, don’t know if you knew, but ENO is shipping steel biners with their latest indoor hammock kits rather than the black rope they used to ship with.

            Anyway, thanks again, Derek! =:)

  2. Heather Darnell says:

    My nylon hammock is very breathable. How would this polyester fabric compare – might my skin feel clammy against the fabric?

    • Derek says:

      A lot of hammocks are poly based. Coated fabrics are the ones to worry about as they are not breathable. The polyester hammocks are very breathable. I’ve used many over the years and are usually my favorite fabric.

  3. Lyle Neville says:

    I really like the native Northwest style artwork. Is it possible to order poly fabric with this design (I enjoy puting the hammock together from scratch).?

    • Derek says:

      That’s my design 🙂 I’m glad you like it! I think it is available in the order field. Be sure to ask if not.

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