Grand Trunk Goods Hooded Travel Pillow Review

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  1. Great review, Derek! I’ve been using a military rolled t-shirt as my hammock pillow at home, but if it’s not completely centered, I wake up with kinks in my neck. Also there’s the problem of getting up in the middle of the night and losing my pillow. Did you try using this travel pillow to sleep on your side at all? And does the hood get in the way if you’re not going to put the hood on your head? I’m not sure how much I’d use the hood and would hate to have it flopping in my face when not in use. Thanks for the great review!! =:)

  2. gendymion says:

    I sleep in a hammock inside and always looking for a good pillow option that isn’t going to cause my head and neck to melt from overheating. The hood can be folded out of the way, but how did you find the combination of fleece and memory foam for thermal comfort? Thanks

  3. Jon Neff says:

    Hey Derek–Jon from GT here, thanks for the review! I’d like to add a couple of things i’ve learned from designing and using the pillow if you don’t mind.

    **I had NO IDEA that memory foam was susceptable to cold temperatures either, until one cold morning, then i decided i could use it to defend myself from anything that crossed my path, like a bear, or an unruly traveler at the airport! After doing some research i learned that memory foam will indeed harden with really cold temps, but like Derek said, will relax when warmed back up.

    **Other uses: Can be used for side sleeping whether it’s around your neck, or not. Works really well on long flights/car/train rides to sit on for padding, or lumbar support if your back is bothering you.

    **The HOOD: The hood is mainly used to block out light, the initial thinking was for early morning flights when you absolutely need sleep and your favorite person in 7F won’t shut their blind! What is it with people working on flights at such early times?! 🙂 Can’t you just go to sleep like the rest of us!

    Very happy that you like the pillow and i hope it comes in as handy for you on your travels as it has for me!

    Keep on Trunkin’

    • Derek says:

      Thanks for the insights, Jon! I love the “other uses” tips.

      The hood does a great job as an eye shield — it is generously cut so when the cord is cinched, it can tuck perfectly around my eyes, leaving my nose and mouth vented. Yeah, it isn’t that warm as an insulator, but it is perfect for what it was designed for.

      Thanks for making a great product and for the chance to review it!

    • gendymion says:

      I ordered one of the pillows on Derek’s advice and have been thrilled with it. I have used it inside and have not overheated at all. One of my favorite features is the ability to adjust the fit of the pillow itself; it stays in place but doesn’t feel constricting. Keep the great products comin’

  4. Dan says:

    I bought a cheap inflatable horseshoe neck pillow in an airport years ago. Its small, light and I can adjust how much air for how much support I want. I’d love to see someone build a high quality camping oriented version.

  5. patrick h says:

    I can’t find anywhere that shows if the fleece can be removed for cleaning? i’d love to replace the foam with some extra down sleeves and booties so they’re close in case the night gets chilly, a la shug

    • Jon Neff says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Good question. So, when we initially launched the HTP we had a zipper, which allowed for removal. Unfortunately, there is a firm in China that holds a massive stockpile of patents, with the sole intention of slapping manufacturers with lawsuits in order to benefit financially. As you can probably guess, they had the zipper on a pillow of our shape covered. So, after paying for our mistake, we approached them to partner/purchase the design, but they were only interested if we would pay a number with a few too many zero’s. For the meantime, it should just be wiped clean with a wet towel and hung to dry. Good news is this, we are working on a couple of new styles that are looking great! Stay tuned and Happy Holiday’s!

      Keep an eye of Facebook for some great specials for the Holiday’s.

      Keep on Trunkin’


  6. Jeff Ready says:

    do away with the zipper and leave a small opening at one end to extract the foam.

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