Testing the Garda Hitch

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  1. Ian Sebryk says:

    if you use aluminum ‘rap rings’ (rappell rings) you won’t have this problem. they’re rated to 250Kn (about 2 tonnes). if you get the HomeDepot rings, then, yeah: problems all over. i’m 185cm and 133kg. my Hennessey has worked flawlessly with them down to -5°C.

  2. David M. Dorn says:

    I use the Omega-Pacific rings which have a larger diameter than the SMC rings. This provides more surface area to spread the compression. I saw a youtube video showing the compression effects on 7/64 Amsteel with the SMC rings and the effect was clearly evident. For that reason I also use 1/8 Amsteel for my suspension lines with the rings at the tree. It makes for great ease in making strap adjustments. I am willing to pay for the slight extra weight of the rings and line for the convenience.

  3. David M. Dorn says:

    Correction to my post of 17 August at 5:52pm:
    The Omega-Pacific rings are much thicker than the SMC ones….hence the offer more surface area to the rope used.

  4. Walt Whitman says:

    Will the Garda Hitch work on rope like the one that comes with the Hennessy Expedition?

    • Derek says:

      Yes. I use it myself. The thicker ropes work great without much else. Hennessy models that use the smaller diameter spectra line should be tied with a double becket hitch.

  5. semininja says:

    Just a helpful hint: “distractors” should be “detractors”.

    As far as concerns about the hitch itself, I think the main concern is not immediate failure due to compression, but its effects on the longevity of the cordage; Dutch of dutchwaregear actually pulled a product (speed hooks) because it compressed the suspension, causing a weak point that failed at a much lower tension than expected during testing, indicating a high degree of wear over a short period of time.

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