Hammock Bliss Gear Review

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  1. Maggie says:

    HI – I’ve been reading your website after getting a request for a hammock from my son. He is 6’2″ and less than 200 lbs. I’ve been trying to find an economical hammock, but I don’t want to leave him “hanging” with an inferior product or one that doesn’t suit his body type. I’ve been looking at the Triple that you reviewed here as well as the Hammock Bliss Sky Bed. The latter seems interesting because it seems to lie flatter and has the sleeve for a pad. The Triple seems very roomy. Do you have any recommendations for which might suit him better from a comfort perspective? We have camped on the ground for years, so this will be his first experience camping with a hammock. Thanks! Maggie

    • Derek says:

      Welcome Maggie!

      The Triple is huge and I think your son would have blast using it. The Sky Bed is also a great choice. The big difference between these two hammocks, from my perspective, is utility. The Triple, like any simple, gathered-end hammock, is the most versatile. You can move it, shape it, and hang it in various ways to suit your style. The Sky Bed, in contrast, is a purpose-built hammock that doesn’t really suit some uses. It is designed so you only sleep in one area and works best with an inflatable pad. The Sky Bed must be hung just right to get the best lay because the hammock has been built with geometric shapes to get the lay. These are just trade-offs to consider.

      If I were to get the Sky Bed, I would opt for the Sky Bed Bug Free that comes with the zippered bug net. To me, this makes the Sky Bed a de facto “camping” hammock designed to streamline the camping process and focuses on the shelter/sleep mode.

      The Triple (or other gathered-end hammocks) can be modularized with a bug net, or you can go net free, or just use it in the back yard, or in the park, etc.

      From a comfort perspective, I would lean to the Triple. Being over six feet tall, I think the Sky Bed would be at the maximum for his size. I hesitate to make a complete recommendation because I know some big and tall folks who prefer _small_ hammocks, which seems to defy convention. If you lived close by, I’d happily let you “test drive” several hammocks to see what works best.

      A gathered-end hammock, like a Triple or Double, I think are the most flexible and will provide the most options. If you are just experimenting, the lower cost of a Triple or Double is easier to “try out” and keep around for fun.

    • Maggie says:

      Your comment came in just the nick of time. I ordered the sky bed, but was able to intercept it today and get the triple. Looking forward to my son’s reaction. Thanks so much for the advice!

      • Maggie says:

        ….and it was just as I had hoped for! Now he has to fly back to California after visiting the cold Wisconsin hinterland for Christmas so he can try it out. Again, many thanks for your help, and many thanks to GO FAST for switching my order last minute. Happy New Year to you all!

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