Updated Hammock Hang Calculator and Clinometer App

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14 Responses

  1. Looks great, congrats on another awesome release Derek!

  2. Dave says:


    I love the new app! The graphics are sharp and clinometer is helpful.

    I have a feature request for the next version. Could you add the ability to set your head or feet higher into the calculator?


  3. Andrew Nicholls [Ol Grumpy on Hammock Forum] says:

    Gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised to find it has full metric function…

    So, it works downunder… WooHoo!

    Just a question though, if I’m hanging downunder, does that mean I’m more likely to fall out…
    Upside down and all? Bwahahahaha! Answer: Who cares! It’s all good fun!

  4. joeyi says:

    Request for new feature: Is it possible to add a distance measuring feature using the phones camera? Something like EasyMeasure? This would be a great tool. Find your two trees. Stand at tree 1, point iphone camera lens towards tree two and have distance to go into the calculator. ULTIMATE hanging tool! just a thought.

    • Derek says:

      Cool idea! I’ll look into it and talk with the developer.

      • Womble says:

        This is an excellent tool. So far I used the “Angle Meter” App on iOS. So what I’m missing with the Clinometer is the “see-through” option using the camera. That would be a great upgrade.

        • Derek says:

          We debated about having a “see-through” option on the clinometer; however, with all the other data we wanted to show, it became too distracting and ultimately difficult to see the numbers, etc. It is a type of augmented reality that has a “coolness” factor, but ultimately didn’t improve the performance or usefulness at all. Like any leveling device, it is best used when you put the phone/device close to the suspension. If you are too far away, your results are less accurate. And being close and touching the suspension, the see-through option is less effective.

  5. bringerofgame says:

    Windows Phone version?

  6. It seems like the weight calculations in the clinometer aren’t quite right.. When in english mode the cord tension is 1/2 my weight when holding the phone at 90 degrees (which is correct). But in metrics mode the cord tension is only 2/9 of my weight when holding the phone at 90 degrees.

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