KAMMOK Python Strap Review

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9 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Just got mine per your recommendation….they’re great! No more knots for me. Quick and easy, don’t know why anyone would bother with ropes.

  2. Mark says:

    Where do you get the carabiner shown in the first picture?

    • Derek says:

      Those were the original Kammok carabiners. I don’t believe they sell those any more, preferring a more robust and custom-designed carabiner now. You can always ask! Sent a note to Greg and tell them Derek sent you 🙂

  3. Shane says:

    You mentioned both the ENO Atlas and the Kammok Python, I’ve been trying to decide between those two but haven’t been able to really find any good comparisons. Is there any real difference between them? Or any advantage of one over the other?


    • Derek says:

      There are a few feature differences that may make a difference to some people. The Python straps are made from tubular webbing, and the daisy chain design lays flat and packs a little smaller. The Atlas strap loop design keeps the carabiner off the stitching. Functionally, they are nearly identical, so for me, the comparison comes down to availability and price.

    • timothy says:

      I ended up going with the Kammok Python for the extra length and ease/speed of packing (they don’t have to be wound, you can just stuff them in their sack).

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  3. May 26, 2016

    […] Jeg hadde egentlig bestemt meg for ĂĄ bestille KAMMOK Python Straps, men av en eller annen merkelig grunn sĂĄ hadde de nettbutikkene hvor jeg fant produktet (bl.a. Amazon) ikke lov til ĂĄ sende det til Europa (jeg fant ingen Europeiske nettbutikker med dette produktet). Etter litt ĂĄ ha undersøkt og lest litt flere reviews valgte jeg da i stedet ENO Atlas Straps som i følge ekspertisen (The Ultimate Hang) er et tilsvarende og like godt system som KAMMOK Python Straps. Faktisk sĂĄ skiller The Ultimate Hang ikke mellom disse to systemene i det hele tatt og de sier egentlig at det er hipp som happ hvilket av disse systemene du velger, begge er «topp recommendations«. […]

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