First Look – Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free and XL Rain Fly

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5 Responses

  1. Laurie says:

    Can you flip this hammock and use it with out the bug net during the day? I’m comparing the ENO JungleNest and this hammock. Any suggestions of “must haves” for a first time user?

    • Derek says:

      The new version can unszip farther and the bug net can be pulled away. For a first time hanger, if your goal is camping not just lounging, you’ll want the bug net and a tarp. After that, it is essential to have good webbing straps to protect your hang point. I really like the daisy chain style for new hangers. The ENO Atlas straps and the Kammok Python straps are two good examples. Ticket to the Moon also has a nice daisy chain webbing/rope hybrid.

  2. Great review Derek, really enjoyed reading it. Just a couple of quick questions:

    How did you attach your whoopie slings to the ends of the hammock? My sky bed came with rope that I’ve removed and then looped my whoopie sling around the gathered end. Seems to hold well, but from the photos, it looks like you’ve attached it differently?

    Also, do you find this hammock needs a structural ridgeline? Or does the inflated pad correctly control the amount of sag without the need of a ridgeline?

    Cheers mate!

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