DIY Insulated Hood Pattern

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  1. Roger Chang says:

    Do you have instructions or approximate dimensions on the fitted taper hood (the last one)? Love the book. My son, who is a Scout, surprised me by asking questions about “widow-makers”. Obviously reading your book too.

    • Derek says:

      Thanks Roger! For the fitted hood, use the same overall pattern, only cut a triangle of fabric from the bottom, roughly a 45-degree angle from the back of the neck to the front. What this achieves is eliminating excess fabric to save a little weight and bulk.

      For one of these, I added a double layer of insulation around the head, but not the neck and it worked out great. You can also see how I added a triangle slit of fabric in the front to create a more 3D shape so I could cinch up the front around my nose.

  2. Super you also made hoods! Personally, the models I realize some years ago, were a little more complex, less “square”. And I had split legs that cover the upper back and torce, very nice against the cold!

  1. May 29, 2013

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