Grand Trunk All Terrain Hybrid Travel Hammock Review

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6 Responses

  1. I think you may be overlooking the DDTravel hammock…

    (love the site by the way, and I always have your book on hand!)

    • Derek says:

      You’re right. The DD Hammock line has a modular set-up built in as well. Thanks for the reminder!

      • AndyB says:

        Yep, the latest addition to the DD one up is modular, but what I think Daniel means is that the DD Travel, which has been around for quite a time, has a waterproof base built in so it can ‘double duty’ as a bivi,

        • Derek says:

          I really need to get my hands on a DD Hammock. I keep hearing great things about them, but I just need to try them out. Thanks for the update.

  2. Brady Cheney says:

    Would this be able to be set up with doors? Like a winter hammock tarp?

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