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New! DutchWare Stingerz

I love my DutchWare Tarp Flyz, but what I really wanted was a Tarp Flyz with a hook or carabiner so I could attach it directly to my tarp tie-out without any fuss.

Wish granted!

Dutch is always working on new gadgets, so when I talked with him about the idea, he let me know it was already “on deck.” Well, the other day I received a package from DutchWare with a prototype that Dutch calls “Stingerz.” I’m hooked. Rumor has it these, and other new gadgets, will be released at the upcoming Mid Atlantic Hammock Hangers Association (MAHHA) in April. Don’t miss it!

Weight per pair: 0.25 oz (7 g)

Dimensions: 1.875 × 0.625 in (5 × 1.6 cm)

Material: Titanium

DutchWare "Stingerz" -- Tarp Rigging Hardware

2 thoughts on “New! DutchWare Stingerz”

  1. That is a must have item for me!! Any way you could send me illustrations on how to string them up??? It looks like you would have to tie the line on different on these than on the tarp flyz.


    1. Yes, I’ll get something together. In short, you just tie off one end of your tarp line into the hole on the end of the Stingerz. Then wrap the line around the tree and back to the Stingerz. Use the hook to get the 2:1 mechanical leverage to tighten the line, and then wrap around the “antenna” to secure, just like the Tarp Flyz.

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